The era of energy efficient vending machines

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    Jul 16, 2013
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Vending machines
Vending machines
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Vending machines are a common sight in public places, hospitals, schools, colleges, theatres, airports and practically every place where you find huge traffic. The best part is that the newly found technology has made the working of machines faster and added an entertainment wing to it as well. Now, you can watch videos, play games or listen to music with these machines.

Still there is a word of caution in the air. The machines can actually turn out to be threat to the environment. Since the machines use high amount of electricity for refrigerating products and lighting the machine, they prove out to be big time energy suckers. The sum total of energy consumed by machines is almost equivalent to that of electricity used by thousands of homes.

Vending machine business owners should take precautions in choosing machines which are eco-friendly so as to save you from long term impacts of the trade. They should also work with machines which operate in low power mode in inactive periods. Such machines have a higher cost but are a wiser investment as it saves a lot of electricity.


Let's check out the characteristics of energy efficient vending machines:

Energy star machines: For vending machine business, buy ENERGY STAR qualified machines as they have low energy consuming compressors, motors, insulators and lightings. Plus instead of hydro-fluorocarbons, the refrigerant should be carbon dioxide as the former is a prime cause of global warming.

Drink and product packaging: Plastic less packaging materials are another option for the products. Choose decomposable package material to avoid pollution created by throwing packages.

Healthy products: As an owner of a good vending machine business and a good citizen, one should pledge to sell products that are healthier. Since these are availed by people from all walks of life, the products should be hygienic and healthy.

Organic products: Natural, organic snacks are a preferred choice of health conscious consumers so selling these products would not only enhance the consumer base but would also be a step towards conserving the environment.

Reusable cups: To cut down on the amount of discarded packaging, install machines that avail disposable refill cups for vending machines.

Triple pane glass shield: Thermal performance of these glasses is quite high. And they act as perfect insulators by keeping cooling inside and heat outside and thus reduce energy cost.


These machines are one of the prime contributors in global warming as they are an unrecognised but ever increasing forces behind fuel and electricity consumption. Using energy star qualified machines would save nearly 50% energy. Vending machine business which avail these machines save a lot on the electricity bills and contribute to conserving the environment as well.

Thus, all those of you who are planning to start vending business should consider these aspects while starting the business. Though energy star machines might cost a little higher they would eventually be profitable in the long run. So, invest wisely and make sure you 'go green' for a healthier surrounding!!

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