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    Feb 14, 2013
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Lincoln Park Zoo Pavilion
Lincoln Park Zoo Pavilion
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If you are considering expanding your existing home or a building design for a completely new home it’s a good idea to get an architect on board from the get go. Here are some key ways in which an architect can help you and your home.

Knowledge and Experience

Building or expansion work is never a straightforward process and it often involves large amounts of official paperwork and numerous key decisions with regard to your proposed property. By seeking the advice of a fully qualified and experienced architect you will be drawing upon years of professional experience. Architects can talk you through the advantages and disadvantages of any particular proposed design and even offer you their own design based on how you wish to best utilise your space.

Savings in the Long-Term

Construction work is perhaps the most costly investment that you can make with your finances, therefore it’s recommended that you consult with an architect who can guide you through the entire process of building step by step and help to turn the concrete addition to your home into a concrete addition to your assets and house value.

Whilst the initial outlay on the services of an architect will no doubt set you back more money that consulting with your local builder would, what you need to remember is that an architect offers a range of services that ensures that a first class job is carried out over all areas of your property.

Architects can save you time by negotiating the red tape of local authority building regulations and save you money by offering your proposed construction work out a group of trusted contract builders.

Architects tend to think about the long term benefit of any expansion to your property. This includes ensuring that your property will remain structurally secure in the long term following expansive building work; utilising their extensive design skills to ensure that you make the most of your available space; making sure that any addition to your home aesthetically matches the rest of your home and maintaining a professional working relationship with you throughout the duration of the project – taking care of every aspect of the project from its inception through to its completion.

Taking Care of Everything

This is an often overlooked quality of a good professional architect. Essentially, an architect should be the manager of your building project who reports to you, the boss of the project. In this role of project manager a good architect will take control of every single aspect of work that relates to your proposed expansion – whether it be offering advice on design plans, external colour schemes, brick choice, landscape design or even just asking you for your signature. The role of a good architect is to essentially make sure that your project offers you a large scope for design input and continued consultation whilst minimising the unnecessary stress of other more formal and administrative aspects of the work that can be taken off your hands.

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