Benefits of Social Media for Your Company

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    Dec 05, 2012
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Get Your Name Out There

It doesn’t matter who it is –  giant retail stores,  small home-town businesses and even bail bondsman are all using the power of social media to their advantage. If you still have not let your law firm enter the world of social media, it is definitely the time to start. Social media is an excellent method of basically free marketing. There is literally no cost to you – you are not buying any advertising and you do not need to build a brand new web page – all you need is a few minutes every few days to post updates to make your social media profile notably present.

There are dozens of different websites you can connect with to boost awareness of your firm. This does not just mean joining Facebook. While Facebook is great, it is still a single social networking site – if you can add in more media outlets, you will be even better able to make a niche for yourself online.

Videos, Tweets, Blogs, and More

What will be most important to your business is providing people with useful content. This may mean starting up a blog that provides readers with insights into various legal matters they may encounter in their lives. Or you could set up a YouTube account and post videos of some of your lawyers offering tips for certain legal situations. Depending upon where your practice is located, you may even be able to offer location-specific ideas that will really help draw local business to your office.

Social media is made up of a lot of different aspects of online interaction, which means finding ways to make your business relevant to these areas is important. You may not be able to work your way into all of them, and that is fine. You don’t want to stretch yourself too thin anyway – instead, choose some of the most prominent locations you believe will benefit your business the most and then begin posting and updating so people can see what your practice is about and how they might find you useful or interesting.

Plan a Little First

While most individuals can jump onto Twitter or Facebook without thinking twice about it, it’s different for a business. You need to consider what things you want to post. What information do you want to include in your videos? How many blogs do you want posted per week or per month? How often should you Tweet, and what will you make of those 140 characters?

Planning ahead can help you craft a great online presence. Once you start, keep it up. Your followers will be interested in what you have to say, and because of your efforts you may earn new clients before you know it.

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