How to Prepare the Install of New Heating Systems in the Workplace

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    Jul 31, 2014
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How to Prepare the Install of New Heating Systems in the Workplace Photo by Colin Armstrong

We all need a comprehensive electric heating system in the workplace to protect ourselves against those cold winter months. The installation can cause an insurmountable amount of disruption, though. It is a time where preparation can potentially save your business from losing productivity.

Unbelievably, you do not have to accept the disruption and reduce your output. By having a contingency plan in place, you can have your panel heaters installed without any hassle.

The Best Case Scenario : The easiest way to prepare is to not have any disruption in the first place. Companies that specialise in installing heating systems on business premises will do everything they can to install at a convenient time. For most companies, this is at the weekend. When everyone is away, they can complete the installation and eliminate most of the disruption.

Understandably, this is not always possible, but this should be your ideal option.

Talk to Your Employees : You should warn your employees in advance of the situation. This will help them to brace for the arrival of the engineers. Talk to them about where they will be working and whether any areas will be cordoned off. If they are working close to the front entrance, you might have to tell your employees to come in through the back door on Monday morning, for example.

Moving Away : Most of the time, installing an electric combi boiler and heaters will require you to move some of your workers out of the way. It is important that you already have desks setup prior to the engineers arriving. When the day comes, any affected employees should know where they need to go. You do not want to run into conflict when someone discovers his or her desk has suddenly been deposited in the corridor the night before.

Help the Engineers by Giving Them Space : It is difficult enough for your workers to function under these conditions. The installers have to contend with challenges, as well. By helping them, you will reduce the amount of time it takes to complete the installation process.

Give them the space they need by providing them with a designated area where they can leave their tools and carry out any cutting and welding work. Cordon the area off by keeping employees out. In a busy workplace, the presence of both employees and engineers in the same place tends to slow everything down and disrupt the work of both parties.

Get the Workers Out! : Not every business can adjust appropriately to suit a full heating installation. Some bosses have to accept they are going to lose out. The easiest way to prepare for this is to schedule the work around the installation.

Rather than planning anything significant for the affected days, reduce the workload and catch up later on. Alternatively, if you are planning a business trip or a teambuilding day, this could be the time to do it. Getting the workers out of the workplace will only accelerate the installation.

This is not always possible, but if you plan for it far enough in advance, you can make both events coincide with each other.

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