How to Remove Electric Radiators to Decorate

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    Aug 26, 2014
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How to Remove Electric Radiators to Decorate Photo by Colin Armstrong

Every so often,we will decide to give our homes a makeover. The problem is those radiators are in the way. You cannot decorate around them without causing some damage. No, instead, you are going to have to remove them and put them into storage until you're done.

Although this sounds like a daunting job, removing electric radiators is not particularly difficult. Let uslook at how you should go about removing radiators to decorate. Visit our site to find out more about this.

What Do You Need : It does not take any specialist equipment to get started, nor do you need to be qualified. Make sure you have:

- some rags - a jug - a bucket - a screwdriver - a spanner.

Drain the Water : With all electric and vertical radiators, you need to start by draining the water from the radiator. Roll back the floor covering first because the water within will be dirty. Keep any pets out of the room, as this water can be toxic if ingested.

Start by shutting off both valves. If you cannot turn them by hand, you may need to use an adjustable spanner. Monitor how many turns it takes to close the valves because you will need to use the same number of turns later on to reopen them.

Remove from the Brackets : Unscrew the cap nut that keeps the valve attached to the radiator's adapter. Put the jug under the joint and slowly open the bleed valve. The water should slowly begin to drain into the jug. Once you have filled the jug, put the water into the bucket. Do this until there's no more water left inside. This indicates you have fully drained the radiator.

Now with the other valve you need to unscrew the cap nut. The radiator should be able to be lifted away from the wall. Make sure you drain any remaining water first. If you havedone this, remove the radiator from the wall completely. You may need to unscrew the brackets separately, if you are decorating this particular wall.

Replace the Radiator : So you've finished decorating and you need to replace the radiator again. Again, this does not require any specialist skills and anyone can do it in under an hour.

Start by putting the brackets back into their correct locations. Hang the radiator on the brackets again and tighten the cap nuts to both valves again. Make sure the bleed valve is closed and reopen all the radiator valves using the number of turns you had when you closed them.

Now you need to bleed the air from the radiator. Do this in the same way as you bled the water when you removed the radiator in the first place. At this point, you are free to turn on the heating again.

Check to see if everything is working correctly. If it isn't, think about where you could have gone wrong. In the event you cannot discover any problems, inspect the radiator for any signs of damage. It may have been damaged whilst it was in storage. Still not working? Call in the professionals and get them to help.

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