Starling Framework- An Ideal Platform to Develop an Exciting Game

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    Sep 23, 2012
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Starling is basically an Actionscript library which mimics the usual tree architecture flash display. As opposed to the usual display objects, it entirely lives inside Stage3D environment. This implies that the objects are actually rendered by GPU directly which further leads to an excellent performance. It is a great 2D framework that has been mainly designed for developing games. This starling framework is becoming extremely popular among a large number of developers wanting to create some amazing games. The starling framework demo can be used for making some exciting games that create immense interest among the main audience i.e. the teenagers.

The highly competitive gaming industry is also benefitting from this amazing game development tool. Beauty of any game lies in its ability to get anyone addicted to it and also keep the players of the game hooked for many hours. There are a myriad of games which can be developed using this framework such as incredibots, balancing games etc. By using this simple, quick and easy framework, the game industry is certainly heading towards growth.

There are a number of factors responsible for making it so popular among aspiring game developers all across the world. The foremost reason is its ease of use for creating fun, challenging and thrilling multilevel games which nowadays have become tremendously popular among numerous passionate game players. Moreover, 2d flash game engine and 2d rendering engine is being worked on continuously which apparently means that more exiting and refined games could be enjoyed in the future. Besides, Starling Framework being a free as well as open source has become the top choice of developers who wish to shape their imaginations in the form a nice game that they always wanted to make.

To use it, all you need to do is to download it. Everything is very well documented so as to make it easier for the users to comprehend the entire game development procedure without any difficulty. As Starling has been built on Adobe Flash technology, this means that apart from running on the browsers, it can also run in the mobile platforms like Android and IOS. This also simplifies your game development, debug it comfortably in Flash Player and then finally install it on the mobile phone. Starling frame work also because of being platform independent has gained such a wide popularity. Today, when most of the people prefer playing games on their mobile phones when they are not at home, it definitely makes a viable option. Starling framework mobile can really be a great option if you want to target that gaming audience which does not always prefer to carry their bulky laptops while travelling somewhere. The only requirement for using these games on your mobile phones is to have either a starling framework IOS or Android.

Also, as in this framework the entire content is directly rendered by the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), it provides an excellent performance. This is actually made possible because of the use of Stage3D technology of Flash. The best part is that you do not need to have some prior guidelines to use Starling. Simply by accessing a tutorial and downloading the framework, you can very easily know how you can use it. As starling is an open source, a lot of focus has been laid on to make this source code as easy and understandable as possible. These tutorials are specially meant for the beginners and include all essential tools needed to create successful games.

Here, you can also learn how to incorporate numerous built-in display objects in your game such as images, quads, text fields and buttons. In addition, you can also learn how you can create a number of custom objects or combine different objects together to form more complicated set ups. As for displaying objects you first need to learn how to create a display tree, thus from the tutorials you also get to learn how you can create the trees. If you also wish to benefit from the awesome features of starling framework demo to develop an exhilarating game, go ahead, download it and get set to make the gaming world addicted to your innovative game.

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