Mold Making and Life Casting Safety Practices

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    Sep 01, 2014
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Mold Making and Life Casting Safety Practices Photo by Andres Monde

Even if life casting and mold making materials are rated as non-toxic and environment-friendly, still there are safety guidelines that must be followed.

The popularity of Molds and Life Casting is gaining prominently around the world. Life Casting is one of the easiest way and most effective in preserving a three dimensional image of a person.

While many are exploring the vast possibilities of this art form in releasing their artistic creativity, they should not disregard safety precautions. Life casting involves directly applying mold materials to the body or face. It is true that many mold materials such as alginate and silicone are safe to the skin, testing your model for any allergic reaction is necessary to avoid any complications later.

Make sure that your work environment is well ventilated with sufficient lighting. The health of both the artist and the model is of foremost importance. Take into mind that the life casting materials are applied directly to the skin of the model. This procedure takes time to cure so take some precautions to minimize the discomfort of the model from excessive heat

For their own protection, the artist should wear protective clothing such as gloves, and aprons, and long sleeved clothes and full pants. Aside from these basic safety precautions, one should also follow the manufacturer’s safety recommendations.

If you adhere to all the needed precautions in life casting, then you can enjoy and get satisfaction from the pleasure of your chosen arts and crafts.

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