Earn Easily By Using Facebook

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    May 24, 2013
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Earn Easily By Using Facebook Photo by Arun  Kumar

Facebook has become the leader in social media on the internet. The  average user logs in to his or her account twenty times a day. The  opportunities on Facebook are virtually limitless. Every month the website  seems to improve and attract more people. It is pretty clear that the website  is not going anywhere for a long time and the time to act is now.

Earning with Facebook is easy when you have  the correct systems in place. The great thing is that once these systems are in  place they run on autopilot twenty four hours a day.

Fan Page Formula

  Step 1 - The first step is to create a separate Facebook account that  you will be using to run your fan page business. You can use your personal  account if you want but I recommend keeping things separate. This will ensure  that everything is organized and easily tracked in one account.

  Step 2 - To earn with Facebook you need to find good niches that you can  monetize on. In this example, I am going to be using the weight loss market. It  is huge and is never going to go away. There is always room to make some money  in the weight loss market no matter what the competition is. When you have  decided on a market/ niche it is time to give your fan page a title. Don't be  too specific with the title. Make it something more general that lots of people  can relate to.

  Step 3 - Once your fan page is created add a great photo. The image is  very important to attract fans. Your clicks and likes will be low if your photo  is hard to understand or blurry. Also make sure you fill your page up with some  great information on weight loss, the goal of the page and maybe upload a few  photos and videos.

  Step 4 - Start you page off great by adding a few relevant interesting  posts to your Facebook fan page. You can easily grab a YouTube links on weight  loss videos and post them into your thread to help fill out your wall. This  will make the Fan Page more appealing and increase your fans.

  Step 5 - Now it is time to gather fans and start invited targeted  Facebook users to your page. Earning money from Facebook will be a whole lot  easier if your fans are targeted to your niche. One method I like to use is  browsing other ages that already have thousands of fans and adding members who  are actively participating in the page. When inviting someone to be friends be  sure to include a personal message. This will establish a personal relationship  and also increase your chances of them accepting your request.

  Be sure to take note that whoever you're requesting is not a marketer. If  someone is leaving links and spamming other pages do not request them.

  Above are the  few methods in getting instant traffic to your Fan page. However, sooner or  later, you'll learn that "any" traffic is not the answer to how to  earn money on Facebook. To make money with Facebook page, you need to  complement the above methods and strive for "targeted" traffic to  your Fan page. Go here for more detail about how to earn with facebook

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