Arguments in favor of hiring a nanny and pursuing your career

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    Feb 20, 2013
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Arguments in favor of hiring a nanny and pursuing your career Photo by Eva Klenoff

Many young women are torn by the dilemma of either pursuing their career and hiring a nanny for the care of their child or putting their career on hold and raising the children themselves.

It is my opinion which is supported by the anecdotal experience of others that once a woman puts her career on hold, what was supposed to be a three or four year hiatus often turns into an approximately ten year hiatus. Most women have more than one child and children are
usually spaced several years apart.

The arguments usually given in favor of a mother staying home and raising her children is that nobody can give the same level of care and love as the mother of the own children.

It is argued that a woman can give up about ten years of her time in the work place and then, later step in and resume her career. In fact, this is only sometimes true.

I think almost everything in life is a balancing act and this issue is an excellent illustration.

When my child was very young we would often go to visit my parents, his grandparents in New York City. Across the hall in their high rise building lived a young family with a daughter also 5 years old. Both parents worked and a nanny cared for the little girl I felt sorry for her because she did not have the advantages my son had, such as a backyard to run out and play in and a mother who was always with her. I had to admit over the ensuing years that the girl had an extremely outgoing, bubbly and confident personality. My son was much more shy and reserved; it seemed that this girl was in no way negatively impacted because she was raised by a nanny. I will concede that only parents feel overwhelming love for their child. However, it is often possible to find a surprisingly involved and sensitive nanny.

Most households today benefit enormously from a two-income arrangement, and for many families it is an absolute necessity. At the very least, young women should consider keeping their foot in the door and having a part-time job.

A case in point is my own daughter. She worked long and hard to get a law degree and then pass the California Bar only to end up staying at home caring for her two young children. After three years elapsed she finally took my advice and began to work part-time. It was the best thing she ever did. Her life became much more balanced, the kids were absolutely fine, and she at least had her foot in the door for a career as a lawyer. If she decides to seek a full time job down the road her resume will not be blank.

It has also been my experience that quality time with children is as important as quantity.

Many young women find being at home all day with children to be unfulfilling. For many, it can be boring, exasperating and difficult. Some women need time in the workplace with its monetary compensation, its challenges, and its interactions. The sense of fulfillment, which it affords, allows these women to optimize the quality of the time spent with their children because their self-image is optimized.

A good nanny can run a close second to a mom, and there is no reason for feelings of guilt if this is the path you choose.

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