Italian Visa Application from Dubai

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    Jun 07, 2014
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Italian Visa Application from Dubai Photo by Nayan  Joshi

It is quite easy to know if you need a VISA in order to enter Italy. There are certain nations that are exempted from requiring a visa to enter Italy. However, Dubai is not one of them. You would need an Italian Visa from Dubai.

Here are the steps of the Italian Visa Application from Dubai

• Duration of stay
• Purpose of stay
• Your background
Take these few points into consideration and you would be in Italy with a visa from Dubai

• Download the application: Based on the above criteria, you would need to download and complete Italian Visa Application form from Dubai, completely and legibly filled and signed by the applicant. Then, after filling the form, you can submit the forms offline. Alternatively, you can complete the process of applying for Italy visa online as well, since that alternative is available to the travelers. This is the first step completed to get your Italian Visa from Dubai

• Submit the Italian Visa Application from Dubai:  Take a print out of the application and visit the application centre for Italian visa for verification of all the documents. The process of applying for Italian Visa from Dubai is completed with payment of all the necessary fees. These fees are based on the services required. If, for any reason, the supporting documents are found insufficient or incomplete, you are asked to reschedule an appointment and meet the submission officers again for re-verification. After this process is completed to the satisfaction of the officer, you would make the payment of visa and all additional charges.

• Track your visa: If all the documents are in order, this process roughly takes 45 days. However, experienced and reputed visa agencies recommend a gap of 90 days between Italian visa application from Dubai and travel date. This gives sufficient time for any delays, mishaps, etc. You would receive the intimation about completion of the process via SMS or email and then you can either collect your passport from your agency office or ask them to courier it home.   

This process, though well established, varies on case to case basis, and the nature of your trip. Therefore, it is important to keep your documents safe. Supportive documents are extremely vital.  These supportive documents depend on your purpose of travel and travel agreements that ensure the same details. So, it would be different for business travel than educational travel. So, here are the standard documents you would need regardless.

• Photographs
• Properly completed application form
• Valid passport
• Bank statement
• Travel and accommodation bookings
• Overseas medical insurance (for applicants 70 and above)

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