Top Travel Destinations in Australia

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    Aug 18, 2014
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Top Travel Destinations in Australia Photo by Sumeet Khanna

Most people would love to visit Australia and spend their holidays. Australia offers a lot of things to enjoy like architectural marvels, major cities, and tropical rain forests. It will take you on a wonderful trip and you will feel it has touched your heart.  Australia tour has something extra-ordinary to offer and you will never forget its amazing tour attractions.  The country has a cool climate which makes it a perfect destination to welcome tourists from different parts of the world. The amazing blue water ocean, wildlife animals, coral reefs, bustling city life, museum and the heritage buildings are some of the best features of this country. Since Australia is large country, you need to plan your trip in order to watch all the major travel spots. At the time of festivals, you will able to witness the charm of unique fairs.

Some of the top travel destinations in Australia include the following cities:

It is the largest city in Australia and a top travel destination in the country. Sydney Harbor is a wonderful sight where most of the attractions are located. There is no shortage of attractive things to see in Sydney. Sydney Aquarium located at the Harbor represents an exciting view of the underwater aquatic animals comprising of saltwater crocodiles and sea turtles. The Aquarium also shows the largest Great Barrier Reef and underwater tunnels with sharks and stingrays. You will surely love the marine mammal sanctuary. Sydney Opera House is the most famous heritage site and beautifully photographed destination in Sydney. The Top of Sydney Tower brings an unforgettable experience.

Melbourne is the capital of Victoria and is a major tourist destination in Australia. The major attraction places include historic buildings, unique city life, arts, culture, museums and amazing beauty. Tourists from different parts of the world come to Melbourne to enjoy its natural beauty and wonderful city life. There are great restaurants offering mouth-watering delicacies, soothing climate and beautiful scenery. The National Gallery of Victoria is the largest public art gallery. The Botanical Gardens are beautifully maintained and you can enjoy the natural greenery. Melbourne International Airport is the largest airport offering frequent passenger flights all around the world.

Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland State. It is the third largest city and is located at the bank of river Brisbane. The city has a lot of attractive places including Parliament House, City Hall and many historic buildings. The tourism industry has witnessed more growth in the popularity of this thrilling city. Brisbane is also known as the ‘Las Vegas of Australia’ and is dotted with a number of art galleries, museums that make your visit an exciting one. The Sunshine Coast is located very near to this city and is one of the finest beaches in Australia.  Brisbane City is blessed with natural wonders such as waterfalls and rainforests. If you are a nature lover, you can’t forget the memorable moments here.

Byron Bay
Byron Bay is a popular travel destination in Australia. It is situated 480 miles north of Sydney city.  It has a wide array of adventure activities, numerous beaches and wonderful lifestyles. It is a beach town where many tourists gather to enjoy the sun, sand and relaxing atmosphere. This town attracts International tourists who like to enjoy hand-gliding, surfing and diving in the white sandy beaches. There are beautiful villas in Byron Bay and you can enjoy all the facilities under one roof.

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