Selling Dropship Products On eBay: Finding Hot Selling eBay Items & Complementing vs Competing

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    Aug 13, 2013
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Selling Dropship Products On eBay: Finding Hot Selling eBay Items & Complementing vs Competing Photo by Inventory Source

So, while identifying the best selling eBay dropship items from the past few weeks or months can be a helpful tool, it might tell you more about the accessories or complementary items to list rather then just trying to list that same top seller on your own store and expect to have the margins you want.  This is another reason to have an "eBay Brand" and not just try to list the top 5-10 items in your store. 

Try this approach: There is no need to sell all 3 can just focus on one type to start.  Next, make sure you also include all of the great accessories for that console.  You can use your Inventory Source eBay Tools to manage the large list of listings for your niche so you can avoid out of stock sales while you handle the orders.  If you were a customer looking for the Nintendo Wii for example and you see one seller with 20 items for the Wii, X-Box, and PlayStation...but you find another source on eBay selling the Wii and 100 Wii games and accessories which eBay seller will have more of your interest and trust?  Even if the X-Box or PlayStation were hotter sellers in the month before, you don't have to focus on trying to compete for both the X-Box and PlayStation sales....just try to capture a higher percentage of the sales for your focus.  With millions of products being sold on eBay every day, there are always plenty of "best sellers" to go around.

You can always try to chase the sales on last months best selling eBay items and hope they remain at the top of the list or you can try your luck avoiding the competition on past top sellers and try competing with all of the other sellers looking for the next big "gold rush" and seek out the future top seller, but instead of always looking at ways to COMPETE....look at ways you can COMPLEMENT. 

If you build an eBay Brand or niche complementing a single best selling item on eBay, you can still leverage both volume potential as well as profit margin on the items you list.  Again, you do not have to feel like this complementing niche is something you have to stick with for the full year.  You can change your eBay Brand or product batches as often as you like, but the complementing approach is an easier method for organizing your sales.  You can quickly review your catalog to find these items for a current trend with more assurance then trying to seek out that next hidden gem in your supplier's dropship catalog.

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