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    Feb 28, 2013
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Galileo Thermometer
Galileo Thermometer
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When considering saving your home, second home or offices, many simple and inexpensive temperature alarms are available. Such alarms are a great solution for monitoring rising temperatures in a refrigerator, walk in cooler, computer room, medical storage facilities, warehouses etc. Many of these devices advanced enough to include auto calling features to notify the user of an out of range condition. While providing notification of rising or falling temperature, some of these devices can also alert you by calling or sending text messages when other conditions occur such as moisture infiltration or doors being opened.

Now the question is how will you know which alarm system is right for you? Considering the temperature and primary storage requirements, the choice of product varies from user to user. There are a wide range of options for clean / dry environments.

Let’s have a look at various temperature alarm options:

Livestock monitoring is a classic example of an environment alarm that is less than ideal for some temperature monitors. There are certain enclosure systems that are designed precisely to take on harsh conditions. Sealed and lockable enclosures ensure that your monitor stays pristine and in operational condition require NEMA rated sensors. There are certain standard enclosures which when placed around your temperature sensors can keep them secure against harsh conditions.

Such standard enclosures are intended to protect equipment from failing under conditions of high temperature or moisture and environmental abuse. These also have built in features to prevent damage to the electronics.

Now another important question to consider in this regard is which temperature alarm system is right for you. First thing that you need to decide is that how you want be notified if an alarm condition occurs. Do you want an alert in the immediate area with an audible alarm? Or do you need to alarm remote location where you can receive alerts with phone call, emails or text messages.

If you plan to be in the immediate area – a simple temperature sensor with relay output will be a nice option. Rely outputs can be connected to variety of products, so customizing your notification is quite easy.

And if you need something that will notify you no matter where you are, a temperature logger with a dialer will do the job. Such systems can call you at home, office, on your cell phone, landline, and neighbor or to any other place or person that has been setup on the system. Though these may seem expensive, they are actually quite afordable. Many of these alarm dialers also have rely outputs that can control other accessories of choice for a very low cost.

When you are looking for temperature monitoring and alarm systems, TempGenius is one company we can recommend for innovative products at really affordable prices.

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