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    Nov 13, 2012
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Imagine for a moment booting up your laptop and getting instant access to tons of live and on-demand channels. Imagine watching a sporting event, sitcom, episode, news or movie online, and if you wanted to, even listen to a radio station of your choice. Now stop imagining, because there are services that help deliver all of this and more to any Windows desktop or laptop computer.

Long ago, building a television meant going to tech school to learn how. Now computers carry all the digital tools needed including multimedia and video software with a screen to watch all kinds of media content both on and off line.

The only things missing are plugins and codecs to play different types of audio and video files. But don't worry, anyone can download what's needed for free (if needed) from the Internet to their PCs. As a result, viewers are now able to watch/listen to movies, streaming channels, videos, radio, and music through their PCs, mobile devices and Internet-ready TVs.

What can makes this method hard to do for someone new who doesn't know how or where to get started when building their own Web TV system, is questions like... how do I set everything up to watch shows online?. One may think it's just too hard to get started.

The Internet has grown immensely in recently years, especially in the media world where viewers now have a global library consisting of live and on-demand streaming channels, radio stations, and videos. What this actually means is viewers are no longer required to have a television around to watch something.

Using software to deliver thousands of free-to-air content from the Internet is very cost-effective compared to Satellite and Cable. That's because there is no installation cost, hidden fees or monthly fees to pay which allows viewers to enjoy their favorites shows even more.

So how do you get started? That's where a good PC Satellite TV services comes in. For a small one-time access fee, even the newest of newbies can get everything setup under five minutes.

There's no equipment/hardware or antenna to install or wires to connect. What's needed is a Windows desktop or laptop computer with an Internet connection (wireless or preferably broadband).

Everything else is provided for a complete setup including plugins, instructions, TV player, and so on. What this does is it saves the user time and effort by not having to surf online for sports, movies, sitcoms, news, and so on.   

The service makes everything convenient when allowing paid members instant access to all the popular content online which is stored in a database so the content can by downloaded to the player – This allows members to watch everything from one location also.

Setting up a super media system on a laptop enables users to watch what they want, when and where they want. So wherever an Internet connection can be made, just boot up the laptop with the software installed. This is what's called a TV traveling companion.   

Lastly, other perks include a service package. For instance, members can receive technical support with periodic TV player software upgrades and channel updates. This keeps the product like-new and up-to-date for many years.

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