With An Attendance Management System You Can Motivate Everyone

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    Aug 22, 2013
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With An Attendance Management System You Can Motivate Everyone Photo by Nobel Lee

Part of being a personal trainer is keeping all of your clients motivated, right? You are there to help them achieve their goals and you need to use every tool you can to help them get there. There really is nothing so rewarding as helping someone get fit and stay fit, of seeing them climb that mountain. In the past you had to really on the tried and true methods of encouragement but now with the ever accelerating pace of technological change there are some fantastic new tools in the personal trainers armory.  Take the amazing attendance management system (AMS).
Using location based software services and smart phone technology, the AMS will transform the way you interact with your clients!  This amazing software for personal trainers will allow your members to check into your gym easily through their smart phone. The member can simply download the app from the iTunes Store for iPhone users or for Android users they can download from the Android Market.
First time AMS users will set up a username and password, then using their smart phone can check-in to your location. At the same time they can elect to update facebook with the location check-in, providing cross promotion to your facility.  You can then use these attendance management system records to produce attendance based reporting to help with client retention. See trend reports that will show you when a member's attendance is starting to fall. Reward members with points for every facebook update. Keep constant track of who is at your facility and set flags against clients so that when they check in to your facility, you will be instantly notified by email.

Forget the need for separate software for personal trainers or bar code scanners, swipe cards and the like. With this system there is no upfront cost and a very low per monthly fee to have access to the portal. This is an incredibly easy to use system that will ensure all of your clients are tracked, allowing you to stay on their backs at all times! This attendance software effectively gives you a god like omnipotence to ensure that all your clients are sticking to their schedules.

This really is the best software for personal trainers ever, it means that you can do your job better than ever.
Get online now and find AMS software now and you can make sure all your clients achieve their goals.

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