How to Find Academic Software Deals for Top Brands like Microsoft Products

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    Dec 27, 2012
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When it comes to getting Academic software deals, most people are dying to get their hands on big brand products like Microsoft products. These are products that everyone knows and loves. Today, it could be Windows 8, Visual Studio, Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop (although not Microsoft, but very popular), or any of the other big-name products that are out there. These are tools and resources that can help your college career a lot.

If you are taking a computer science program or any other type of college program that requires heavy use on a computer, these are academic software titles that every student needs. Keep in mind, when you shop online, the prices are considerably cheaper. That is my number one recommendation, shopping online for academic software products is the way to go. Below, you will find many reasons why academic software is cheaper when you shop online, and exactly how you can find deals for some of the top brands like Microsoft products.

#1 - Check Craigslist, academic software providers lower their prices on Craigslist ads

Often times, academic software discounts will be most prominent on websites like craigslist. Providers of academic software that let you download academic software will often lower their prices when they sell on these websites. By checking out their ads, you can see exactly what they have to offer and you can save a lot of money. Be sure to search for some of the software that you are looking for, such as Windows 8, Microsoft Office, or any other software title.

When you do this on craigslist, any store that has that software mentioned inside the advertisement will show up. This allows you to review all of the ads, and you can go through each one and see who has the lowest price on the software. Keep in mind, it is important that you make sure the software is genuine and license. You do not want to buy from someone that is selling non-licensed software that could be dangerous to your computer.

#2 - Search on Google for academic software deals

By searching on Google for academic software deals, you can easily locate a good price on academic software. These are websites that cater to students and they specialize in providing low prices on academic software. Oftentimes, online websites will offer you the most amount of savings and they can offer you a price that other websites can just not compete with. Looking on Google is a great opportunity, as long as you search good keywords like academic software deals, you should be able to locate a website within a reasonable amount of time.

#3 - Find websites that are recommended by schools

Usually, the school that you are attending will have specific websites that they recommend. If you are in a computer science program, you might just have to ask your instructor who they would like you to go with. This may be a more tedious option than just searching online for academic software deals, but at the end of the day, it could pay off. The providers they recommend are generally high quality and provide licensed and genuine software.

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