Photo Loss In Data Transfer

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    Apr 04, 2013
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I and my family arrange a vacation trip every year. Last year we went to Venice and it was a wonderful experience. We captured every precious moment while staying there which would serve a memory in future. The camera storage was sufficient enough to capture huge amount of photos and videos. When we got back home, I was set to transfer all the videos and pictures of the trip to my computer. I plugged in the data cable to my computer and began the transfer process. When the transfer progress reached the half mark, the data cable accidently got disconnected. The pictures and videos which were transferred prior to disconnection were saved but the rest were nowhere to be found. I double checked if they were in the camera storage but they were not. It came as a shock and the idea of losing my precious captured moments was too hard to bear.

I searched online to find a solution and came across a concept of photo recovery. Several programs were available to recover photo lost during data transfer. There were plenty of options to choose from which are as follows:

There was a guideline in which it was stated that in case of failing in transferring data from camera to computer, both the storage media should be thoroughly checked for the missing files. If the transfer was initiated by using the cut and paste method, there is a possibility that contents are in computer’s ram and you can try pasting again. If you still cannot recover photo lost during data transfer, you should choose reliable photo recovery software to download. The data is not basically lost; it just gets unreadable from the storage. The data goes into a temporary storage area deeming the storage space to be overwritten. The lost data can easily be recovered provided that it is not overwritten. In other words, new data should not be saved in the location where your lost data was previously saved.

There are plenty of softwares that recover photos lost while transferring, and most of them are free. Following are the steps which must be usually followed for a successful data recovery:


Connect the camera to your computer through a data cable. Launch the data recovery software and search for a ‘scan’ button to initialize the scan. If you are familiar with the location on your storage from where the data got lost, you can directly scan in that area.


To recover photos lost while transferring, preview the files to be restored after the scan and select it.


Save the selected files and restore them.

Photo loss scenarios:

- The destination storage might not have enough space to store the transferred data and thus file transfer fails.
- Photo lost during data transfer can be due to the fact that the pictures were infected with virus and during the transfer the antivirus program in your computer might have deleted them automatically.
- It might be the case that you accidently touched the data cable during the data transfer which caused the transfer failure.

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