Social Media - A Game Changer in Recruitment

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    Aug 30, 2013
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Social Media - A Game Changer in Recruitment Photo by Savio Vadakkan

One of the best ways to attract the right talent and ensure a perfect match for the job role is through social recruitment. Modern age businesses are realizing the importance of social media and how its benefits can be fine tuned to facilitate the growth of an organization; it all begins with the sourcing of the right candidates that would eventually lead the organization to new heights. Thus, it is highly crucial that the new recruit blends with the work culture and understands the organization and its business completely. To reach the stage of complete synchronization of the employee’s goal and the organizations goal, a lot of time coupled with other resources would need to be deployed. The outcome may or may not be positive. If the goals cannot be in sync then it results in the discontinuation of the employment relationship, this is where the attrition rate comes to play. Hence, it only makes sense to save the organization as well as the potential employee time and other resources by eliminating this process of courtship.

Existing Employees Can help bring in the right Potential Employees

Employee referral is the best way of tapping candidates. A person is judged by the company he holds. On lines of this principle, if the existing employee is a good resource, chances are that he or she would have likeminded people in their social circle. The HR needs to tap this social network. What has taken the employee referral to the next level is social media being a part of the recruitment process. There are many ways to get the combined benefits of these two means of recruitment.

Your employees are your best spokesperson

Encourage your employees to mobilize their contacts and assist in sourcing the right candidate. Motivate them in doing so by offering incentives, propagating the benefits of having their own social contact work in the same organization; instill a feeling of responsibility by involving them in the entire recruitment process etc. because the current employee is the best suited mediator to bring in the potential employee, chances are, the new recruit would share similar behavioral pattern pertaining to adaptability as the existing employee. Integrating social media in this networking process only makes the employees task of referring the job to his network very smooth and easy, all that is required is a single post on his social profile.    

Online Interaction

Assuming that an organization already has a strong online presence, it would be a part of the various forums, communities and groups on several social media platforms. The human resource department needs to encourage its employees to be a part of this initiative by the company and ensure interactivity. This way, the updates from the organizations social page will appear in the feeds of the employee’s profile which in turn would be visible to their social network. One can only imagine the ripple effect when any job requirements are posted. The result would be a descending ripple effect, with the employee being the main link between the interested candidate and the human resource department.

Cordial Relations with Ex-Employees:

The ex-employees who have had a good and healthy relation with the organization are good links to potential employees. The human resource needs to ensure that they are still a part of the organizations network, with social media being used as a strategy here, this is easily possible. Through the past employees, many eligible and befitting candidates can be tapped.

Any human resource professional will know the amount of time and dedication that goes into merely sourcing potential recruits. A major part of the human resource function is occupied in sourcing. While the traditional forms of recruitment still persist, the social media technique of sourcing candidates has proved to be very beneficial to the organization, the current as well as potential employees.

Emerging HR responsibilities

If social media is added into the human resource strategies to source the right employees, then it clearly indicates that the scope of the HR role has widened. Defining the right way forward, the most apt social media tactic to be deployed so as to create a feasible employee recruitment strategy, all form a part within the new horizon that the human resource scope has widened up to. It also depends upon the digital strategy that an organization already has in place. The existing digital strategy would need to undergo certain enhancements so as to incorporate social media recruitment seamlessly into it. A system needs to be in place that can integrate all the benefits of social media recruitment and the conventional mode of hiring to result into a modern age recruitment tool.

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