Hazardous season for Eden Hazard

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    Jan 11, 2013
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Eden Hazard is a firm believer in the age old adage “All work and no play make Jack a sad little boy”. He is known for his hilarious antics on field that has his team mates, splitting their sides, laughing so hard. Whether it is posting a picture of him trying on goal keeper Petr Cech's head gear for the sole purpose of annoying the goalie, or if it is goofing around with his team mates such as Fernando Torres and Ashley Cole during the trainings sessions, he is someone who brings about the lighter side in people.   

But things took a serious turn recently for the Chelsea attacking midfielder when he was caught up with promoting his political views using his club as a platform. Just when Chelsea was picking up the pieces and recovering following the Mark Clattenburg and John Terry racism debacle, another issue surfaced regarding Eden Hazard and the boycotting petition against Israel. The Belgium winger is slated to have signed the petition, along with 62 other fellow football players, objecting to Israel hosting the Under 21 Championship in 2013. The document, deemed pro-Palestine, expresses that by hosting the tournament, immediately after their offensive military actions against Gaza, Israel is exhibiting and propagating anti-sportsmanship values. It was not Hazard’s singular signature that caused the outburst that ensued. It was the eighty one other signatures that were signed believing in Hazard’s involvement with the issues that caused the authorities at the Football Association to chastise the Belgian football player. The association expressed that it was completely unethical for Hazard to pollute the Chelsea mind-scape with such sensitive political ideologies and that he should do the needful and apologize to the offended parties. However, another unseen twist in the story took place, a few days ago, when the Chelsea icon’s agent refuted the rumors and denied vehemently of Hazard’s involvement of any kind with the petition or the subject it broached.   

Along with the Israel issue, few other black spots have been marked on Eden Hazard profile otherwise squeaky clean. If dressing room gossips are to be believed, then Hazard is at the receiving end of certain Chelsea players’ ire. A few of the boys in Blue have been upset about his dilapidated form the recent weeks. Not that they have second thoughts on his class and commitment; it is just that Eden Hazard’s statistics don’t match his reputation any more.  

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