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    Apr 07, 2014
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Websites take on a new Avatar Photo by Christopher Visser

It wasn't so long ago when websites used to be no more than a couple of pages with some gaudy background colour, a few American flags fluttering at random and a few products dumped on the homepage in a list. At the bottom would be the contact address. At best, there would be another page with some details about the company or "how to pay" information. That was about it.

Professional Approach

Today, the approach to a website has turned professional and the entire approach is sophisticated. Everything from graphics, to navigation, to content and payment gateway is carefully planned. Everything is now a science. Even the placement of the humble "Buy" button requires careful consideration.

Methodology based on years of experience

Entire theses have been written on the behaviour of the online customer ranging from what would be the preferred search engine link to what constitutes the perfect online navigation menu. Website designing can no longer be left in the hands of amateurs.

Each aspect, each feature of the website needs to be attended by an expert. So we have experts at graphics, experts at animation, and experts at web form creation, coding experts, payment gateway experts and content management experts.

Search Engine Optimization Orlando and Marketing

In between come the SEO or Search Engine Optimization Experts. These are the guys that ensure that your website is not only human-friendly, it is also search engine friendly. In fact they ensure that although newly arrived on the scene, your website is rocketed to the top position in the search engine ranking. When your prospective customer searches for products or services provided by your website, your website receives high visibility in the search engine results. The SEO guys also ensure that the chance that your prospective customer clicks on the link in the search engine is high. Everything they do is geared towards sales or achieving your targets.

Without Search Engine Optimization, your website would either stay invisible or hardly receive any customers or, you would have to spend on advertisement. Again, there is a very thin line between a SEO specialist and an online Orlando Search Engine Marketing expert. Most SEO specialists are also experts at online marketing.


Today, a website can no longer be a stand-alone product. Along with the website, promotional tools such as Android Applications are created and distributed Free as downloadable apps or games. These apps are intended to promote the goods or services being sold on the website.

For example, if your website sells auto spare parts, we could create an iPad or Android App that helps your customer keep track of service or maintenance requirements of the vehicle. The App could contain links to the site so the customer can search for and view images of parts and even buy them via the smartphone or tab. Similarly, the customer could be informed of latest accessories for the vehicle and so on.

So if you need a new website or your existing website is floundering, give us a call TODAY. We have the tech and we have the skill to create a new supercharged website or revitalize an existing website. Call Now.

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