Business Listings are Vital to Local SEO

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    Sep 08, 2014
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Business Listings are Vital to Local SEO Photo by Hirea Wiz

For a Phoenix business link yours, getting local SEO results is extremely important. The best way to kickstart a local Phoenix SEO campaign is by getting your company’s information on business listing sites.
As with all SEO endeavors, business listings require proper planning and execution in order to get the most out of them.

Why are business listings so important for a local Phoenix SEO campaign?

Business listings are invaluable for a number of reasons, including:

You want your business to pop up when your name is Googled

Sometimes people will search for your business specifically on Google. If your business is properly listed, then not only will your website show up on the search results lists, but also a detailed listing of your business that will provide people with everything from customer ratings to your phone number (which can be called at the touch of a button on smartphones).

You want to control your listings

Even if you don’t bother with managing listings for your local Phoenix SEO campaign, chances are that your business will get listed somewhere anyway. You must claim these listing and make sure that all of the information therein remains correct and up to date.

You need to get cited

One of the most important elements of improving your local Phoenix SEO rankings is getting more citations. In essence, a citation is a mention of any information about your business—from your company’s name to your website—on another website. As far as Google, Bing and Yahoo are concerned, this does a lot to prove how valuable your business is to the community.
As such, you need to get listed wherever you can, because each business listing counts as a citation.

You need to get reviewed

Reviews also do a great deal for local Phoenix SEO results. Business listings on review sites like Yelp allow you to reap these benefits.

How do I manage my business listings?

Now that you know why you need business listings for your local Phoenix SEO campaign, let’s take a look at how to manage them.
Planning out your business listings management

Choosing the best places to get listed

Before you can get listed somewhere, you have to know what that website is. As such, you should begin by working with your Phoenix SEO company to develop a list of listing websites that you must get your business onto.

Determining what information to provide

It is important that your company’s information be properly disseminated for better indexing on search engines. If you have multiple addresses, for example, then you will want to choose a single address for each listing; you can then create separate listings for your other locations.

Developing a refresh cycle

Search engines adore new information. As such, you should update your listings as often as possible. Setting a consistent refresh schedule makes this easy.

Executing your business listings management

Signing up

This one is a no-brainer. Now that you know where you will be getting listed, it’s time to start signing up. If you are already listed on a listing site, don’t get angry. Simply claim your business so that you can manage the listing yourself.

Getting people to review your business

A high overall review rating is great, but as we mentioned earlier, search engines love new data. As such, you should consistently be trying to get recent customers to review your business online.

Preventing duplicate listings

A duplicate listing will confuse Google and possibly incite them to hide the wrong information from their search results lists. Since this will harm your local Phoenix SEO efforts, be sure to check all of your listings for duplicates.

Analyzing the data

As with all other elements of your local Phoenix SEO campaign, your business listings can benefit from data analysis. This includes tracking everything from the accuracy of the data in you listings to managing problems that can arise for specific locations.

Getting listed is the most important component of local SEO

Without good local listings, search engines will question your company’s existence, you will lose out on basic SEO opportunities and your local Phoenix SEO campaign will falter. Be sure to get listed and manage your listings the right way,

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