References of Vimanas in Mythologies

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    Nov 18, 2013
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References of Vimanas in Mythologies Photo by Zecharia Daniken

The ancient mythology has many references regarding the use of flying machines by Gods who descended on the Earth from Heaven using these vehicles. Aliens using UFOs and paranormal activities being taking place when they travel to Earth are myths that are similar to those mentioned in Ancient Sanskrit writings. Sanskrit texts are filled with a variety of references of Gods who would fight while being in Vimanas. These battles took place in the sky, and the Vimana was well equipped with armory which was deadlier than any nuclear weapon nowadays. Time and again through several events, the use of vimanas in ancient text have been prominent, and we are made to believe the existence of such a vehicle in more ways than one.

The Vimanas are also referred in ancient Chaldean work named The Sifrala. Here, it is written the technical details and diagrams showing the flying machine with parts mentioned as vibrating spheres and crystal indicators and others. The word Vimana basically means of ‘having been measured out’. The word was synonymous to the chariots of ancient Kings but became reference to the vehicles of Gods with passing times. Vimanas are said to have been used by Gods, and all of them had a different Vimana for themselves with special characteristics, just like different types of Jets and aircrafts of today.

In Mahabharata and Ramayana there are contexts which speak of the palaces of Gods being in the heavens, and that they floated in space but as we research, it will be clear cut enough to see that the Vimanas were in itself so huge as resembling a palace in space with gardens and staircases made up of Gold. In Ramayana, Vibhishana who became the King of Lanka after the demise of his brother Ravana by the hands of Lord Rama, he gave the mortal Rama his chariot called Pushpak Vimana so that he could travel easily from Lanka which was situated in between the sea to Rama’s province in Ayodhya.

With paranormal things like Elephants running in panic and grasses thrown out being the description given to the Vimanas descending on Earth, it is clear that in ancient texts, it resembled as a vehicle with jet speed and high tech power backing it. Anunnaki Gods of Mesopotamia are also said to travel in Vimanas which resembled that of Indian mythological Gods. There are many contexts that say that Anunnakis travelled from their home planet Nibiru which is near Neptune to Earth by flying machines which resembles the characteristics of Vimana. Even the described design and the way these machines moves as written in ancient texts have been same as those things that are written about Vimanas. The way weather, surroundings and calamities happen because of the arrival of the flying objects is the same as when Vimanas would transcend on the Earth and darkness would surround with earthquake and other paranormal activities happening.

Thus, there are many references of Vimanas being used by ancient Gods to travel from  heaven to earth in various mythologies and texts. But it is still to be inferred whether they really existed, or it is just a myth being traveling from ancient times till now.

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