Can Ancient Alien Theory Open Doors for New Connections?

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    Sep 20, 2013
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Can Ancient Alien Theory Open Doors for New Connections? Photo by Zecharia Daniken

The human race has been poised with the idea of digging its evolutionary roots. Every generation is keen and eager to know how and where we came from, but under the hood, reality is that the more we dig deep down to know where we came from, the more beaming facts we come across. New facts sometimes unlock mysteries and lead to a new mystery. If we back track on the evolutionary genesis of the civilization we would be surprised to know that ancient civilizations had a magnificent knowledge of science and astronomy. The architectural marvels built by the people of those civilizations have withstood against all the hardships of time, and are still standing tall.

The question that pokes people's mind is how did they create such magnificent structures? What was it that inspired them to build such huge structures of paramount importance, and pass them on to future generations? Each and every civilization had its own distinct pattern of architect, but one strange phenomenon that was common in all civilizations was their association with a divine power that followed a down path from the sky using a so called flying object, that are today known as UFOs. From ancient Indian civilization to Maya civilization, from Egyptian civilization to Mesopotamian civilization to Sumerian civilization, each civilization had a residual belief in “gods” used in the plural sense. These Gods were the source of power to the people of these civilizations.
In every civilization, Gods that people of that time worshiped came to earth from the sky. These Gods were considered to be a power source to them. They preached, guided and ruled people of that time with their supernatural powers. In present time, the beliefs to those times are either regarded as myth or folklore. But what if these methodological characters that were worshiped by people of that time were in actuality aliens that came to earth from another world? What if these aliens that visited earth were technologically superior to people of our planet of that time? If these facts are true then the so called “Gods” are just an interpretation of a technically advanced race that time and again, make and marks its presence. If these facts are given a deep thought then we can surmise that these so called ancient aliens may have helped people of that time to build such amazing structures. If we follow along this theory we get a satisfactory answer to some extent on how human civilization evolved and progressed.
Today, many ancient wonder marvels like the Egyptian and Maya Pyramids point towards the existence and contribution of ancient aliens. We are in the age of technological revolution where mankind is on space voyages and space explorations. All the findings till date reveal that we are not all alone in this universe, and there are more species that share this universe with us. Maybe our past can lead us into a new future where we can get connected to these so called alien races.

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