Ancient Aliens - Are aliens as old as the early men?

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    Aug 22, 2013
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Ancient Aliens - Are aliens as old as the early men? Photo by Zecharia Daniken

One of the longest and ever persistent debates of all times in the world has been about extraterrestrial existence and more importantly their presence on earth, if at all so. And out of all extraterrestrial discussions doing the rounds centuries after centuries, one of the most important has been about Ancient Aliens.

According to the ancient alien theorists, aliens are as old as mankind and these ancient aliens had come to Earth wherein they were considered as gods by humans. Not only did they live here but also shaped human civilization in more ways than one. But is there any evidence to this theory? What is the proof that extraterrestrial species had actually come flying in their mysterious space ships to earth and changed our lives forever?

The answer is yes. There is evidence of ancient aliens on earth. Not one but many. These proofs can be segregated into two kinds of categories –

• Ancient religious Texts & Drawings
• Physical specimens of objects that cannot be defined as made by man
Proof of ancient aliens in Ancient religious Texts & Drawings
From Sanskrit to Hebrew, from Egyptian to the Mayan, there is ample proof of ancient aliens in religious texts and drawings found all over the world. Some of them are as follows:
• Ancient Sanskrit epics from India written almost two millennia ago talk about mythical flying machines which they called vimanas.
• In the ancient Hebrew book of Ezekiel, part of their bible, the prophet was mentioned to have witnessed a fiery flying vessel accompanied by loud noise and smoke.
• The carvings, paintings or even the statue of Ancient Egyptian pharaoh Akhenatan shows an oddly elongated skull which ancient alien theorists suggest being the result of alien lineage.
• The ancient Mayan civilization and their unbelievably advanced knowledge and expertise in mathematics, astronomy and physical sciences cannot be explained other than reference to extraterrestrial intelligence. It is written in ancient Mayan texts that men came from distant stars who knew everything. Another such text states that descendants from the sky came in flying rings, were white in color, who could touch the sky. 
• One of the oldest civilizations – the Sumerians believed that they were creations of Anunnaki, who came from the stars to earth for mining gold. Since they needed workers they created humans.
• Ancient maps such as the Piri Reis Map show the earth from above, which wasn’t possible to do in medieval era.
• Ancient cave drawings such as in ‘Pech Merle’ in France, Val Camonica in Italy , Tassili in Sahara Desert or the rock art of Muerto in Peru depict saucer shaped flying objects in the sky,  odd shaped humans in space suits having strange looking tools in hand.

Proof of ancient aliens in Physical Specimens:
Our entire planet is dotted with physical specimens in terms of ancient massive stone carvings, giant structures and unbelievable and unexplainable architecture reflecting extremely advanced engineering knowledge and use of sophisticated tools.
• The great pyramids, the structure and building of which still remains a mystery in terms of scale and advanced engineering reflecting alignment with astronomical star positions apart from being at the intersecting line of the longest latitude and longitude of the planet.
• Mexican Teotihuacan – The pyramid of the sun god and its temple complex all aligned to perfection with a planet in the solar system.
• The Nazca Lines in Peru’s Nazca desert – Series of ancient designs, colossal in size, stretching for miles that can only be seen from high up in the air
• Stone ruins of the Bolivian Puma Punku portraying unbelievably finely carved rocks, an exhibition of precise workmanship on such a massive scale which was impossible for humans in that era to create
• Ancient Mexican ruler Pacal’s sarcophagus that shows the picture of him in a possible spaceship with controls and an oxygen tube in mouth
• Ancient Mayan stone figures of ‘sky people’ in Tikal, Guatemala
• Ancient Egyptian wall carvings in the Dendera temple portray possible use of electricity in ancient times by Egyptians in the depth of their tombs where there was very low level of oxygen. Theorists believe this technology was shown to them by the aliens.
All of this is evidence that aliens existed on Earth and are as old as early men, probably older!

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