Paranormal imagination or reality- Do UFOs exist?

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    Aug 22, 2013
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Paranormal imagination or reality- Do UFOs exist? Photo by Zecharia Daniken

Well first of all, fact being fact, it does not matter what an individual believes. Whether a person believes UFOs exist or not is relatively immaterial. This is simply because today, there are so many hundreds of people who have seen things, crafts, and objects of the sorts in the sky. Some of these people are amongst the very capable groups of people like government and military personnel, doctors etc. Things have been seen that appear to defy gravity itself and whatever we currently know about physical capabilities and aerodynamics, all which has been documented over the years in the form of thousands of pages of reports, photographs etc all of which support the fact that there are unidentified things, things that cannot be explained with our current knowledge that have been seen in our skies and are probably there around our planet.

UFOs - Paranormal Imagination?

That having been said, it does not mean that there are extraterrestrials that are currently walking on the face of Earth, however if there are UFOs that exist, there would also be an occupant to the craft. These crafts or objects that have been seen are evidently performing tasks through technology which is far from known to humans. Given the current limited knowledge of humans, achieving the task of a flying object that hovers at one spot, motionless, without making noise appears to be a dream. It appears that the occupants of the crafts belong to a place which seems to have mastered this apparent technology of creating anti gravity devices and using them in a way which enables the increase in efficiency to an optimum state.

Reality – UFO Sightings

In support to the existence of UFOs and hence aliens, the most popular incident extraterrestrial contact was in Corona, New Mexico in 1947, where a sheep farmer witnessed the event. He initially heard an extremely bizarre and loud sound followed by a crash. The following day he found strange debris on his land which was collected and sent to Roswell, New Mexicoby authorities. The following day a press release was made by the Roswell Air Force claiming they had a Flying Disc in their possession. Further to this, therewas news that the base had later ordered 4 small sized hermetically sealed coffins to carry the alien bodies after autopsy was performed on them. The nurse that revealed this secret was later transferred from the base. There were many people who had reportedly seen the alien bodies and the wreckage of the ship. The wreckage and bodies were later flown to Wright-Patterson Field in Ohio. Later, authorities reversed this story and denied having any alien discs or artifacts in their possession.

The raging debate about aliens, UFOs and their existence will go on until there is solid evidence to support such claims. As humans build crafts themselves to explore and discover the galaxy and beyond, there may be another part of the universe which is trying to contact us. Until then we just have to wait for the answer to the unanswered question, Aliens and UFOs…Do they really exist?

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