What is a Satellite Radio?

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    Nov 22, 2012
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What is a Satellite Radio?

You probably have a list of your favorite local radio stations that you listen to whenever you're traveling around town. When you travel a little too far, you have to give up on listening to these favorite station or stations because most of these would stop working or the signal fades away till it goes away completely. This is where a satellite radio comes in. With a satellite radio by your side, you can drive or travel as much and as far as you want and the signal can't fade. In addition, you can't get static, there will be no annoying commercials and you don't even have to change the channel to search for a signal!

In essence, a satellite radio is just a radio service that utilizes satellites that circles the Earth to broadcast programs. It first made an appearance in 1992 when the FCC granted a satellite spectrum for the broadcast of DARS or Digital Audio Radio Service (satellite based). 1worldspace is currently the biggest satellite radio provider in the world. It is available in Europe and in other countries but not in the US. In America, the merged Sirius and XM Satellite Radio are the leading providers.

Listening to a satellite radio has 2 huge perks - one, every channel is commercial free and two, no matter where you are in any country, as long as the skies are relatively clear, you will get a good and clear reception. Satellite radio providers charge a very small monthly fee in addition to a one-time activation free and cost of equipment. By paying as little as $13 a month, you can gain access to over 100 channel dedicated to each genre of music.

Different satellite radio providers use different technologies and offer different packages and subscriptions. Based on what you prefer, and whether you're looking for a home or vehicle set up, you will be given quite a number of choices. You will be free to pick whichever subscription that might you think suits you best.

When it comes to satellite radios, there is no single good choice. Each service provider has its pros and cons. Research on all of the available options and take a pick to make sure that you get the best deal.

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