Why Is Umove India The Best Property Website In India?

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    Mar 09, 2014
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Why Is Umove India The Best Property Website In India? Photo by Umov  Mehta

Technology has touched different aspects of business and real estate is not left behind. To cater to the technology savvy society, builders and sellers have embraced the online platform to advertise and market their properties. Dedicated real estate search engines have come into existence to serve this purpose. To add to the convenience, real estate mobile applications have also been introduced. Though online medium serves as the most flexible and cost-effective method to search for properties, finding a reliable website can be a tedious task, as many of them feature only paid subscriptions or registrations. To ease this problem and empower consumers with the right resources to make quality investments on properties in India, Umove India was formed.

Umove India is not a real estate agency, but one of the best property website in India that serves as a point of contact between real estate buyers, sellers and property consultants. The aim of this website is to help people in making profitable property investments in India. The website offers information on real estate by analyzing the market value of a given area, local information and other community tools that aid the users in considering different areas within their preferences, as per their budget. With its comprehensive search facility, the website guides consumers on the various properties that are available for renting and buying.

Besides aiding in the search of studio apartments and commercial properties in India, the website also provides advice on legal assistance, relocation, property valuation and other related services. With its simplistic upload facility, the site allows both first time home sellers and real estate professionals to display their properties on the site. The best feature that distinguishes Umove India from their competitors is that they offer all these services free of cost. The website also provides a host of other property related services for free like e-paper subscriptions, news, updates and other miscellaneous services that people can subscribe to by registering with the website.

The website also offers exclusive improved visibility feature which aids sellers to double their business prospects. Highlighting the paid subscriptions on the property listing and mailers are some of the services that the website offers to the real estate experts who seek increased visibility. Apart from all this, the site also maintain updated consumer-centric blogs that communicate information on all upcoming projects in major metropolitan cities and other cities in India. It empowers the buyers and sellers with updated market trends, home decor tips, and other property related information that aid them in making quality investments. Thus catering to both the buyers as well as the sellers, Umove India has established itself as one of the reliable and the best property website in India.

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