This Festive Season, Gift Yourself A Property in Mumbai

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    Dec 29, 2013
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This Festive Season, Gift Yourself A Property in Mumbai Photo by Umov  Mehta

India is a very beautiful country and has a diverse range of people, cultures, traditions, languages and family values; and so, every year, many festivals are celebrated throughout the country. However, festive seasons in the city of Mumbai are always a grand affair. The residents of the 'City of Dreams' thoroughly enjoys their festivities; they love the grand celebrations and the joyous atmosphere. Festivals and public events give the people of the city, a much needed break from their regular hectic schedules, and allows them to indulge in other social activities such as exchanging gifts, sweets, greetings and individual happiness. At such times, businesses are booming and one can easily see 'FOR SALE' signs everywhere. Several Indian corporations and their multinational counterparts offer discounts and buybacks on almost everything, ranging from simple shirt buttons and ties, to high end jewellery sets and luxury cars. But, what about buying flats in Mumbai?

Most people think that not much can be done with regards to buying land and/ or houses in the city. They also assume that property rates in Mumbai are always on the rise, in comparison to other cities in India. Since real estate is a stable asset in comparison to other goods, not much can be done with regards to discounts and sales. This is one of the major reasons why most people resort to buying and gifting mainly fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs), during the festive seasons. Only after conducting further research and reading various classifieds on the internet and other print or outdoor media, will people be able to see that festivals are occasions in the city, when there are various outstanding offers available, even on property and real estate.

Various top builders, developers and real estate corporations offer great deals and prices on most residential and commercial projects during any of the festive seasons. With the help of knowledgeable estate agents and property experts, one will be able to purchase a good residential flat or commercial space in Mumbai, for unbelievable prices. In fact, if you are looking to buy a house in a project under development, you will get a good deal on the final price. For those looking to avail of property in Mumbai on rent, there is no better time to do so, than during festivities. A vast majority of people in the city look to catch up on the celebrations and festive spirit in their home-town or birthplace, and thus, they announce that their house is available on rent. In the hurry to return back home, they usually offer their property for very good rental prices.

Buying property in India is certainly a good long-term investment. With the various opportunities the city of Mumbai has to offer, there can be no better place to buy a good house for your future. Festivals are all about gifting and spreading the love and joy, with one another. There may be all kinds of gifts you can give your family, ranging from new clothes and gadgets to even a brand new car. But what could possibly be a better gift for a loved one, than a dream home/ property in Mumbai?

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