Find Upcoming Projects In Mumbai By Using Real Estate Search Engines

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    Feb 23, 2014
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Find Upcoming Projects In Mumbai By Using Real Estate Search Engines Photo by Umov  Mehta

There was a time when 'word of mouth' served as the only medium to market and sell goods. Though other mediums of mass communication and marketing came into existence, word of mouth used to be the prime motivator that aided sales. While all of us use the internet to fulfill our various needs, the importance of word of mouth still continues to garner more attention, especially when it comes to real estate. However, over the years, it has transited to the web in the form of public forums and other influential platforms that aid people in making decisions. Though such forums exist to help people from time-to-time, people often begin their quest to find flats and studio apartments through popular search engines.

With every service provider creating exclusive search engines as per their domain, real estate too plunged into operating exclusive search engines to meet growing demands of the people. Property search engines are the new method to find properties at one's convenience. Empowering people with the right resources to make informed investments, many real estate websites provide a comprehensive search facility for buying and renting commercial and residential properties, around the world. Though the idea of booking properties in India through real estate search engines is still in its infant stage, people often look up to these sites to know the recent happenings in the real estate sector, and check the market value of areas that interest them.

Apart from listing the availability of properties and related information, these sites also provide a host of other services like legal assistance, valuation, financial advice, relocation assistance, etc., that can aid consumers to make rational choices, as per their budget. One such site that lists all upcoming projects in Mumbai and across other major metropolitan cities in India, is UmoveIndia. Offering a comprehensive set of features, this site acts as a bridge that connects investors and real estate agents in the most simple way. The step-by-step information upload facility of this site allows users to share information on rental properties, by combining it with other resources that are already created by the experts. This allows users to analyze an area using various community tools, before making an investment.

At a time when every real estate site claims to be the “best property website in India”, it is important for investors to thoroughly check the credentials of the website and its reputation. Again for this purpose, users should rely on public forums rather than advertisements, as they are a form of paid marketing and are subject to be biased. However, finding properties through websites is less time-consuming and convenient compared to asking friends and agents. Moreover, these sites offer their services for free. Hence, it is always good to first try such real estate search engines.

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Umov Mehta is a real estate expert who researches on properties in India, and helps people make smart long-term investment decisions.

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