Challenges facing web developers in London

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    Jan 10, 2014
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Challenges facing web developers in London Photo by Larry  Hegg

As much as we would like to give a decisive answer, there is really not that much to separate the two platforms, ‘some people like butter. Others like margarine’ Put simply you need a Linux hosting environment to run a PHP application and Microsoft server for ASP and C# etc. (A lot of software, applications and languages are not cross compatible. However both support JavaScript and html).
One major difference between the two platforms is that Linux files are case sensitive and Microsoft files are not. For example a file named index.html and INDEX.HTML are seen as the same on a Microsoft server.
The majority of web developers use Linux as it is open source (Free) and as such supports more features. The cost of a Microsoft server and software can make Linux seem like a more attractive option.
Some would argue that a website on a Linux server is potentially faster but the difference between the two is so marginal that most clients would never notice a difference unless huge amounts of data where being processed from a number of databases.

How necessary is custom code?

Most web developers in London offer clients the option of a custom built website or a website built using a package like WordPress.
Packages likeWordPress,Joomla and Magento are popular as they include content management interfaces that allowusers, with only a limited knowledge of HTML and other coding languages, to update and make some changes to the content on their site using a drag and drop style system. More often than not however, custom code is needed to meet project requirements. Using custom code allows web developers to create a truly bespoke website that is designed for purpose.
Sites built using Packages like Magento and WordPress can be customized and adapted using plugins and custom code, but for this level of work it is wise to use a web developer.
Generally web developers using custom code have more creative freedom and will be able to offer a range of options for developing a website.

Developing for multiple devices.

London web developers have to consider what device a website may be viewed on. Most websites are supported by mobiles and tablets etc. but not optimized for them. Users can find browsing websites on smaller screens time consuming and difficult to navigate when there is lots of content on a page.  The solution is responsive and mobile specific site design. Many projects now require web designers and web developers to create two versions of a websites, a desktop site and a mobile site. A responsive site uses a framework that scales and repositions content to fit onto a smaller screen. Whereas a mobile site may be designed specifically for mobile devices and some elements seen on the desktop version of the site may be removed altogether.
As web developers in London, the New Year is an exciting time; will the trends and techniques seen towards the end of last year come to fruition in 2014?

We will wait and see…

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