Fresh N New Benchmark Performance Stuff in PHP 5.4

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    Sep 23, 2012
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Almost two years after the release of PHP 5.3, in March 2012 PHP 5.4 was released with bundles of benchmark features to aid PHP Developers and simplify the process of PHP Web Development. All the credit goes to PHP group guys who made it happen and gifted this faster and next-gen version of PHP to wide community of PHP Developers after fixing several issues. This roll-out version of PHP 5.4 has "inline support" for different new languages, including Japanese and some dialects of Chinese.

Let’s talk about some benchmark features of PHP 5.4: Traits:-

Traits are the most famous innovation in PHP 5.4 that consist in code fragments and can be reused horizontally across classes. They are similar to functionality of “Multiple Inheritance” and “compiler assisted copy-paste” methods. This execution inserts 4 novel keywords: trait, as, use and instead of. As and instead of are employed to solve clashes when you use many traits. Traits directly enhance the process of Application and Web Development.


PHP 5.4 is the swiftest of all the PHP editions till date and shows pretty impressive jump in both Synthetic and real-life performance. Tons of improvements are observed on memory usage, performance (req/sec), etc. Drupal, WordPress and other are 10% whereas Zend Framework was faster by 21% faster.

Array Improvements: Syntax and Dereferencing:-

A shorter syntax can now be used to define numerical and associative arrays hence it makes the code look much cleaner and easier to read. Arrays are the most powerful constructs and new syntax only incorporated brackets.

Built-in Web Server:-

php -S localhost:8000 command gets the small web-server running at port 8080 after setting the Document Root as the current working directory for testing and development purposes. It supports URL routing and helps to quickly set-up a local environment for exploratory tests and experimentation.

Short Echo Tags:- Irrespective of the ini settings, short echo tags will always work.

With the release of PHP 5.4, PHP is backing-up support for all programming paradigm with closures, objects, even Gotos. Some experts believe that PHP 5.4, the trendy Web scripting language, includes the best parts of the abandoned PHP 6.0 project. But, till date no indications about PHP 6 are found on web. To extract more and maximum out of PHP 5.4, you can contact iFuturz, a renowned web development company with any of your PHP Website Development requirements.

At iFuturz, we explore, understand and rely on PHP for any complex to simple Web Application Development, and we observe PHP identical to JavaScript with now with cleaner, closures array syntax.

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