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    Sep 06, 2012
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C Programming language. Highly efficient language, isn't it?
I started learning C language during my graduation years. And since then I'm in love with this language and its concepts. Ever since then I had learned and worked with so many other programming language, but nothing as fascinating as the language ‘C’.
The language ‘C’ is portable, platform independent language.
‘C’ is a compiler based language, which also has underlying layer of interpreter. What does that mean?
Let’s try to understand what does compiler and interpreter mean. Compilation is the process where in whole block of code/program is converted from High level language to Machine Language. Interpreter does it by converting the code statement wise. In a way compiler process is faster than interpreter process.
How ‘C’ programming differs from other programming languages of its time?
‘C’ programs can be very well written in high level as well as assembly language. This is its biggest advantage. A part from this ‘C’ also provides a way to use the graphic capability of VDU. There is a whole set of commands to use its graphics capability.
The concepts of pointer, structures, stacks and queues are fascinating along with Binary tree concepts. All of them made compulsory in most of the graduation colleges here in India.
Pointer provides a way to make access to other variable memory. Using which we can either access or change the contents present at that location. The concept of pointer can be extended to structures, stacks and queues and binary tree.
Structure is the group of variables (typically of different datatype) holding information of an entity.
There is yet another concept of FILES in ‘C’. There are two different streams (changeable with name file) available with ‘C’. The first is the text file the other to be named is binary file. The text file holds the information in normal text format i.e., the way we enter during input. Binary file holds the information in binary format. The execution time from binary file is less as compared to the text files. The binary file and text files has different sets of function associated with it.
The information entered during the program execution can be stored in either of the files and later can be retrieved and used in some other part/ procedure of program.
‘C’ language also has a credit to it that, most of the UNIX OS is written using ‘C’ language.

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