A Mold Inspection for Mycotoxins

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    Jun 17, 2013
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Your  home could be at risk from mold
Your home could be at risk from mold
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Don't let the big word scare you. Mycotoxins are simply a common product produced by a living organism here on our diversified planet Earth. The living organism is, however, one you may not find an affinity with, such as you would with a cute little hydrangea plant or an oak tree. The living organisms that produce mycotoxins are molds. These are the fungi kingdom dwellers. And one of the favorite places for them to hang out is in a damp spot within your home.

Since these little buggers, the mycotoxins, can create all sorts of health hazards, it is important to know how to deal with them. When you have them inside your home, all occupants are at risk. Besides doing the normal repairs of leaky pipes, roof cracks where water seeps in and broken and leaking dishwashers, a whole-house evaluation may be in order. A professional can be called out to the home and do a mold inspection and make a list of all the places where the molds are breeding and where mycotoxins may be released into the air.

Fungi cannot Avoid Professional Mold Removal Guys

Fungi are pretty adept little organisms. They find wet spaces and attach and thrive. The only thing they can't do for food is farm the land. In other words, they can't produce their own food. They depend on external sources for their nutrition. They love and obtain food from:

* Drywall
* Fibrous materials
* Insulation
* Even wallpaper glue!

Get a little humidity and throw that into the mix and you have a mold paradise.

Fungi do a pretty good job at staying out of sight. Deep within the structure of a house, the residents can't really see the mold growing. Of course, eventually it will show up as stains on the ceilings, floorboards, walls or cabinets, but this is when it has gone way out of control. But no matter where those molds try and hide, they are never able to effectively hide from a mold removal professional. After all, it is the mold removal guy who has the education. The pro knows where to look.

Removing the Mold with the Help of Mold Removal Companies

Remediating the mold or removing it is the immediate goal. Certainly cultivating it is not. Since mold releases toxic spores into the air and since people breathe air - well, you can see where this combination leads. Once the spores have been inhaled, they take up residence in the lungs and this is where the health problems begin. So get rid of the mold, get rid of the spores, stay healthy. Makes sense!

Mold removal companies like All City Mold Removal know how to minimize the dangers of mold when it is disturbed. And you will definitely disturb the moldy little guys when you start to scrub them off the walls. In fact, they get so disturbed, they tend to release spores like a fine mist in retaliation. They can't get away with this warfare when a mold company takes the proper steps to protect the surrounding area.

Toxic Mold Removal Means Family Health

Getting rid of toxic molds means a healthy family. The allergenic molds won't have the chance to aggravate allergies, cause those itchy eyes, runny noses and heavy sneezing. The risks of getting severe respiratory ailments virtually disappear. Get that mold removal company out to eliminate molds in your home so you can live free from worry.

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