West Nile in Serbia?

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    Sep 21, 2012
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As we all know, the River Nile is located in Africa. Serbia is a country in Europe and is located thousands of miles from that river. And yet the Nile is the most mentioned is in Serbia recently. What is it about?

We had a bit of bird flu, swine flu, and now we have West Nile. All we ask is mostly what it is, but still, there is not the real answer. What is known, in Serbia is at least 3,000 people infected with West Nile fever, and of that number, 3 people died and 20 people were in critical condition and placed in a hospital. All three people who died in the hospital are from Belgrade and its surroundings, and died in August, but the cause of death was confirmed just now, because it takes time to get the results of the analysis. Several people were in a coma, and the prospects for their recovery are uncertain because every patient is a case in itself and no specific statistics how many patients will wake up from a coma.

What is interesting is that West Nile fever victims were elderly patients who were chronically ill. Could they be saved? The answer certainly we will never get. That the whole situation is a bit comical (though certainly should not be), the local population has not been informed to this new deadly disease and they learned from the media center.

Belgrade is the center of the epidemic and its surroundings. Not to mention that none of the measures of protection even to speak. Fortunately for the people of Serbia and the people who live in and around Belgrade that the Minister of Health made public when she said it's nothing to worry and panic does not have? And for me, who lives 100 miles from Belgrade it's happy news. More peaceful sleep and I wonder what's next in line ...

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