The Visa Application Process For The Thailand Transit Visa

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    Jun 10, 2014
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The Visa Application Process For The Thailand Transit Visa Photo by Yogesh Verma

If you are travelling to another country and need to stop at Thailand, it is advisable to avail of the Thailand transit visa, so that you can travel and explore the vast and colorful land of Smiles. Depending on your travel purpose, the Embassy will issue a transit visa, Thailand which includes, transit tourists who have a stopover at Thai international airports for 8- 12 hours, crew members of the ships that are docking at the port for a day or more, or participants of any sports who are partaking in an international competition

Apart from these requirements, you will need the following documents for be eligible for transit visa Thailand:

• Valid passport available for at least 6 months from the travel date.

• Precisely filled visa application form

• Recent photographs of the individuals.

• Travel itinerary in the country, where you would be headed after your stay

• Confirmed and paid flight ticket of further destination and visa of the respective country

Each of these purposes will need to fulfill different kinds of requirements. However, they mostly need to convey the requirement to enter the country along with their further plans after their transit stay. These documents may include further travel itinerary, letter of invitation from the respective Thai organization, etc for a transit visa Thailand.

There are certain conditions that affect the approval of your visa. If your visa is approved, it would be valid for three months, only where it begins from the date you submit your Thailand transit visa application and not the travel dates. Therefore you must plan it within the duration of applicable three months to avoid any unnecessary problems to your journey. Also, you are allowed to stay for 30 days in Thailand from the date you enter. If you wish to extend your stay, you must apply for either extension visa or another type of Thai visa. This approval would depend on the immigration office policies and personnel at the visa approval service.

A transit visa is normally used between the intervals of the two destinations, if the said interval period is extremely long and cannot be avoided. It would work in your favor if you have a clear idea as to which is the most suitable place that satisfies all your needs in Thailand for your transit stay. Therefore, it is essential that you must assess the cost of this visa in terms of funds and lodging charges to accurately accommodate for the period of your stay.

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