The Visa Application Guide - Thai Employment Visa

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    Jun 10, 2014
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The Visa Application Guide - Thai Employment Visa Photo by Yogesh Verma

Employment in Thailand presents economic benefits which draws in the influx of outsiders who would like to work in Thailand.  The country offers an exciting lifestyle and countless adventures to working expat in the duration of their stay. Indeed, where else in the world can you have a vacation while earning money at the same time if not in the amazing Land of Smiles, Thailand.

Before you can begin to work, you need an employment visa Thailand which requires you to submit the following documents:

• Passport or travel document with validity not less than 6 months

• Visa Application Form completely filled out and signed by applicant

• Two recent photographs of the applicant

• Original letter from employer/ company indicating intention for travelling with name of Thai company or organization (counterpart)

• Copy of Work Permit issued by the Ministry of Labor

• Statement of personal income tax

• Letters of recommendation from previous employers

• Confirmed inbound tickets

Also, you need a work permit to being working legally in Thailand. Your employer needs to submit the following documents for you to apply for the work permit:

• Original WP3  from Department of Employment, Ministry of Labor or letter from Board of Investment (BOI)

• Original invitation letter from company which qualified to employ foreigners with the  company’s letter head and signed by authorized person

• Employment contract indicating rationale for hiring the applicant with terms of contract

• Certificate of business registration and business license issued no more than 6 months with list of shareholders

• Statement of Income Tax and Business Tax  from past year

• Value-added tax registration

• Balance sheet from past year

• Financial statement/ balance sheet from past year

• Company profile/ details of business operation

Normally, your employer will provide most of the documents required. Once you get the employment visa Thailand, you would need to accomplish the other required documents such as the medical certificate and the photos. Along with your passport, this will be brought and submitted to the Ministry of Labor where it normally takes 7-10 business days to issue the work permit. The validity of the work permit usually depends on the validity of the employment visa Thailand.

Once all these documents have been collected, you may proceed to submit your work permit application at the Ministry of Labor for processing.

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Yogesh Verma is an employee of Cox and Kings Global Services. Along with wanting to ensure that travellers have extensive information on getting an employment visa in Thailand, he also researches about the different kind of visa available for Thailand.

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