The 10 Principles of Choi Lee Fut

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    Aug 08, 2013
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The 10 Principles of Choi Lee Fut Photo by Kin Sze

Chan Heung, the creator of Choi Lee Fut Kung Fu, detailed 10 concepts for students to comply with when training in his style. Heung thought that adhering to these concepts would certainly aid the individual to not just master his style, but in addition develop a stronger and even more well-shaped respectable character. Consequently, Choi Lee Fut was not merely a kind of martial art - it was likewise provided as a way of life.

1. Seek a teacher: To examine a martial fine art, one needs to find a teacher to direct and show the appropriate way (i.e. the "Tao").

2. Train hard: Endure ache or problems to establish mental discipline.

3. To ascend a phase of difficulties, one has to be a winner: From an individual standpoint, one must be certain to succeed. From a cumulative standpoint, the obligation is terrific particularly when one is decided on to carry the picture of the collective to make sure that one surfaces as a winner. Consequently at numerous levels, one must assess and decide whether to involve in a challenge or to permit someone that is more capable to birth the flag. The confidence of thinking the flag bearer placement is created through study and preparation.

4. Refrain from sex that is considered as opposed to rightness or faith. Be virtuous. In our modern way of living, we are still required to be virtuous and devoted in our partnerships to our companions. The Chinese culture has deeply rooted beliefs in the family members unit, based on virtue.

5. Feed the body with good food: Biologically, food offers the sources and gas for the physique to regrow and work appropriately. For instance, maple syrup or honey is chosen as a sweetener as opposed to refined sugar, and sea salt is considered much better than iodized sodium.

6. One should show durability literally and mentally as well as be answerable and worthy. One need to take duty of the outcomes of one's own activities and be respectful and simple.

7. Develop stamina: Develop stamina with training, considering that the very best methods do not guarantee triumph in a battle. One has to have enough power and stamina to last and endure to the end of the duel.

8. Generate the "spirit shout": One has to shout by purposely expelling air throughout execution of a motion. Proper breathing technique will also assist toughen one's body briefly so that is impervious to impacts.

9. In any experience with an enemy, one should emerge a winner. In order to ensure that one is successful, one need to have the ability, confidence, and endurance - every one of which are obtained from much training.

10. Continuous and relentless grinding, brightening, and pressing skills each day: Skills should be continuously developed via training. Because one is always advancing, one has to regularly create abilities.

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Kin Sze is a Choi Lee Fut teacher who follows these principles in his training as a traditional Chinese martial artist. His Toronto Kung Fu School is located in Canada.

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