What to Shop for During New Year Sales 2014

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    Dec 19, 2013
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What to Shop for During New Year Sales 2014 Photo by Gcgme Online

Go Go Gadget

Got your eye on a camera? Maybe a new tablet? The new year sales are a great time to get a serious discount on some gadgets. If you’re not too fussy about having the latest model then this is a good way to get your gadget geek fix. Retailers use this time to get rid of older models at superb prices.

The Gift of Giving

Through out the year you will be bombarded with invites to birthday parties or celebrations and it’s important not to turn up empty handed. This can be costly especially when there are so many people born in the same month. But you can save a lot of money if you shop for presents during the sales. Sales on fragrances and aftershave are a great gift to give. Some famous brands have up to 50% off last seasons’ scents so it’s a good time to take advantage of this offer.


You might be thinking this is a very odd thing to shop for especially with the Xmas season over but actually this is a great way to get decorations for the following December. Since the holiday season is over, retailers will want to get rid of their decorations at a fraction of the cost. You can be utterly prepared for the next season with cheap holiday decorations.

Fashion in a Flash

Beginning of the New Year is a great way to shop for clothing as retailers will be offering hefty discounts on stock they wish to get rid off. Whether you’re looking for maxi dresses online, famous brand names or a new jacket it’s a great time to shop. However remember items will be in short supply, limited sizes so you have to be quick to nab yourself a good bargain.

Useful Tips

  • Be the early bird – A lot of shoppers have the mission to get all the bargain deals, so try to go early as possible.
  • Plan it out – Sales although do have lots of great items to offer try not to lose sight of what you’re after as all the good bargains will be snapped up quickly.
  • Stay away from the impulse buys – Things you need are better buys here  otherwise you will pick up a lot of items that will cost you a lot more than you planned for.
  • Research – Search online for which retailers have the best bargains, this way you don’t lose out looking around and missing the good stuff.


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