Demystifying Personal Care: Adult Toys, Sex Toys and Sex Products in India

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    Apr 08, 2014
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Demystifying Personal Care: Adult Toys, Sex Toys and Sex Products in India Photo by Melroy Pinto

The personal care space in India, until recently was limited to beauty and cosmetic products. In the very recent past though, this category has expanded to include adult toys, sex products, sex toys and sexual wellness products as well. Let us take a moment to examine these products and explore this category in some depth.

If you thought that Personal Care meant creams, potions and lotions for the skin, you aren’t completely wrong. Over the past couple of years though, this once ‘mild-mannered’ category has gone risqué in a way. Personal care products today encompass sex products, sex toys, adult toys and sexual wellness products too, quite a transformation for a market like India.

An important constituent of this new ‘personal care’ category are sex products. Sex products is a broad label, given to a wide range of products that include, condoms, lubricants, massage oils and gels, stimulants for men and women, erotic literature, lingerie, apparel, sexual enhancement potions, edible sexual accoutrements and body massagers.

Adult products are viewed with a certain amount of naiveté in India, probably because of their limited availability until recently. What do these products do? These products certainly bring a greater deal of enjoyment and encourage intimacy in a relationship. They act as a catalyst that fuels the passion between two consenting adults.

Take for instance erotic lingerie and lubricants, these products seek to make lovemaking more risqué and fun. Massage oils and gels simply heighten the mood of romance between partners. Condoms and personal massagers seek to encourage safe sex and sexual exploration respectively. All of these products are ideal for couples of all ages and reignite the spark that is essential for the well being of any relationship.

The emergence of e-commerce stores with special emphasis on sex products in India has to a great extent made these products more ‘acceptable’. There is still a certain feeling of awkwardness from customers, who do not want to be seen accepting packages from an ‘adult e-store’. This is why most websites take special care to be discreet. Innovative measures like Customer Self Pick-Up, where a customer can pay in advance and pick up the products from a predefined pick up point, help save customers the blushes.

It is obvious that India has a long way to go in the global sexual revolution. However, adult products, sex toys and sexual wellness products are significant additions to the personal care space in the 21st century India. For the customer it means the opportunity to experiment with quality products from around the world. In addition, they need to be looked at for what they are, valuable additions that seek to promote sexual safety, exploration and intimacy amongst couples.

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