Freeline Skates Bringing In A New World Of Exciting Skating Experience

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    Jul 12, 2014
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Freeline Skates Bringing In A New World Of Exciting Skating Experience Photo by Freeline Distribution

After spending a month trying Freeline skate, a skate enthusiast came out with an only comment that these skates are insane. These skates are basically nothing more than small metal plates with grip on top of them. Underneath it there are two 72 mm long board wheels and for anybody who has tried them – Freeline skates are pure fun. These superbly simplistic skates are products of brilliant engineering and if you want a unique experience that combines the excitement of rollerblading, snowboarding and surfing combined – these Freeline skates certainly worth a try.

Freeline skates are something like in their own category and are truly a great by for anybody looking for new challenges. As a matter of fact, as these products are still relatively new what can be exactly done with them is still not known and there are still further depths to be achieved. The tweaks and trick variations that can be done with available skateboards and roller skates can also be done with Freeline skates and they can certainly take you to a world that is completely new, open and also largely unexplored territory.

In less than 10 years since these skates have been made available in the market they have achieved great popularity and as these skates are also pretty competitively priced they have already found a very good number of passionate admirers from all over the world. You will find freeline skates for sale available online with Freeline Distribution website and though learning Freeline skating is not as easy as learning roller skates and skateboards and takes some more time but once you have them under your control it is going to a superbly amazing experience. Sometimes it might look that there is greater chance of getting hurt with these skates but in realty these products are equally safe as roller skates or skate boards. It is possible for the skaters to step off from the skates anytime they want and that often proves to be a huge bonus.

Technically speaking, Freeline skates are different from traditionally available roller skates in the aspect that they are fitted with dual independent skates one in front of another and are ridden sideways with a perpendicular stance. With this type of construction mechanism Freeline skates can emulate both the curving movement of traditional snow and surf boards and also the circular movement of the skate boards and this combination is the real secret of that amazing Freeline experience. But it is not the only unique thing about these skates. Its natural self-propulsion will also allow you to skate uphill and bringing in superb agility and exceptional speed. Freeline skating is certainly a unique experience in itself. Its cutting edge design with dual skates makes it more dynamic and with the high level of traction that riders can achieve with it – taking smooth S turns is also easier with them – both on flat ground and also downhill.

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