Removing Pet Stain and Odor from Your Carpet

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    Jun 26, 2014
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Removing Pet Stain and Odor from Your Carpet Photo by Ellen Wright

Pets are adorable and cute but the moment you take your eyes off them, they suddenly decide your carpet is the best place to relieve themselves. Worse, they are likely to repeat the incident on the same spot, making it a real challenge to keep your home clean and smelling fresh. So how can
you keep your furry friend close while chasing the odor away? Read on.

Understanding Pet Odor

Before washing your carpet, you need first to understand pet stain and what causes that awful smell that comes with it. Actually, fresh urine is not much of a problem, however when it decays, that’s when your nightmare starts. That is because when urine decomposes, it leaves phosphate salts that give pet urine a pungent smell. These salts can stick deep into the carpet, even into the flooring which complicates the matter.

For your fluffy friends, urination is also a way to establish their territory. Because of their sharp olfactory sense, they can always distinguish these markings even if you cannot detect traces of urine. And as long as they can smell their personal scent, they will urinate in the same spot repeatedly. This constantly exposes the salt to heat and humidity causing them to emit skunk-like odor which grows worst overtime. Unless the salt build-up is thoroughly removed, this awful smell will not go away.

Sometimes it pays to seek professional help

Sure, you can clean the carpet yourself and follow all the DIY solutions you can find on Google. However, some things are better left with the experts and removing pet stains and odor from your carpet is one of them.

Professional carpet cleaners know all about pet odor, where to look for salt build-up, how to remove them and eliminate that awful smell in your home once and for all. They are professionally trained to assess your current needs and provide the best pet stain and odor removal solutions without damaging your carpet. You will definitely have peace of mind knowing that you got the best people working for you.

Get in touch with expert cleaning services provider and get a FREE in-house estimate for the most suitable pet removal solution. Choose from a variety of cleaning products, from the environmental friendly disinfectants to cleaning agents of your choice.

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