Top Signs Your Foundation Is Faulty

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    Sep 04, 2014
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Top Signs Your Foundation Is Faulty Photo by Patrick Connell

In fact, sometimes these symptoms may be signs of something more serious, such as problems with the home's foundation. Even homes that are brand new aren't necessarily exempt from suffering from foundation problems. The majority of foundation issues may be the result of problems with moisture, which occurs when the soil expands when it gets wet, and contract when it dries. Although moisture is one of the main reasons for foundation problems, there may be other may be other underlying issues that may be the culprit. Here are some tell-tale signs that you've got a foundation problem in your home.

Cracked Walls and Sloped Floors

Drywall seams may crack when they are under undue stress from a settling foundation, particularly around windows and doors of the home. Popped drywall nails and spaces between the walls and baseboards may also be a sign that there is a problem with the foundation. If you notice a sloping floor, this is a real tell-tale sign that there are problems with the home's foundation that need to be addressed. Sloping floors are signs that the foundation underneath it has settled, however, the slope may not be easily apparent if there is carpet covering it. If there is no carpeting, leaving a marble on the bare floor to roll will give you an idea of how and where the floor is sloping.

Doors and Windows That Are Misaligned

New windows and doors that are freshly installed on a house are usually done with great care, so if they are not in proper alignment, it's probably as a result of an issue with the home's foundation. If a door is sticking, doesn't latch properly, or swings open, these may be common signs that the door is out of alignment. If a window is tough to open or is even cracked with glass, these may be signs that the foundation is problematic. If door and window issues happen in the same part of a home, this is typically a red flag that foundation issues exist in a home.

Exterior Bulging and Cracks

Although small, minor cracks are pretty common in foundation walls, large cracks are a sign that something more serious is lurking. This is particularly true if the cracks follow some sort of regular pattern, and are worthy of further analysis, particularly if they seem to be getting bigger and more prominent. Step patterns in concrete floors may signify that the ground underneath might be settling unevenly. If there is any bulging along the foundation wall, this might be a sign that shifting is occurring in the foundation of the home. Even a chimney that is cracked may be a sign of shifting in the foundation.

Other Signs of Foundation Problems

Many homes that have concrete foundations may rest on posts and beams. If any of these are leaning, it could be an indication that the home has shifted from its original position. No water should be found under the house, so if there is any, this could be a sign that drainage issues are plaguing the property. Do you feel that your home has foundation problems? If so, check out this site to find out how you can rectify this situation quickly and efficiently.

Patrick O'Connell is a home contractor who has seen his fair share of problems in homes, including foundation issues. He often recommends the services of Atlas Piers when one of his clients reports problems with the foundation of the home. This company has been in business for years helping home owners in the Georgia area rectify their issues with home foundation.

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