The Advantages of a Compounding Pharmacy Mandurah

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    Feb 20, 2014
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The Advantages of a Compounding Pharmacy Mandurah Photo by Jacob  Brunne

Does medication that has been personalized to suit your specific need sound too good to be true? You can get them from a compounding pharmacy in Mandurah. Just imagine if your child needs to take a specific cough syrup or other medication but hates the taste and so screams every time you get the bottle down. But what would happen if you could have the taste changed to their favourite? Medicine time will no longer be a struggle.

If you have not heard the term compounding pharmacy before, it is simply a pharmacy where the chemists can make up the kind of medication to suit you such as in the above example. It goes much further than children’s cough medicine of course; they can make up creams and lotions for skin problems, arthritis, psoriasis and many other things.

They can add ingredients to a cream or a spray or increase a certain ingredient so that what you are using will have a better result for you. This is a great way of finding the best type of product for your particular needs. Many people suffer from pain from arthritis or other conditions and only get moderate relief from over the counter products. But if those products can have the addition of another pain killing ingredient then you will get more relief.

They can also do veterinary compounding, which is making up pet medication especially for your furry friend so that it can be treated specifically for its condition. And if you have a fussy furry friend that won’t take its medication then the chemist can change the taste of it so that your pet will be happy to munch those tablets or lap up the liquid.

In fact, pharmacy compounding can also include masking a bitter taste that animals reject or making the medication into a completely different form. If you find it hard to give your dog tablets, a licking paste will certainly make life easier for both you and your pet. Of course, you still need to stick with the vet’s recommendation for medication, but getting it in a different form will make a big difference.

You may even have to take tablets yourself that are really big and difficult to swallow. The beauty of compounding is that they can be made smaller or of a different shape to suit your throat. Capsules or oval tablets are usually easier to take than round tablets. If your medication doesn’t usually come in this form, the pharmacist can change it to oval to help you.


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