The Amazing Places You Can Go After Taking A TEFL Course

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    Dec 11, 2013
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Institute of Education and Celtic Culture, Dingle, Kerry, Ireland.
Institute of Education and Celtic Culture, Dingle, Kerry, Ireland.
Photo by Jim Linwood

Taking a TEFL course Plymouth, England can be the key that opens the door to amazing travel opportunities. English is the second most spoken language in the world and the third most common secondary language. Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is in high demand across the world. Completing a TEFL course from an accredited provider will give you a valuable certification that is recognized around the globe. Having a TEFL certification is required by many governments and employers in order to teach English to students; your certification will be a major boost for your resume. If you enjoy traveling and immersing yourself in new cultures, a TEFL education is a perfect fit to make your dreams a reality. China is one of the many places where English instructors are in high demand.

China’s massive population and increasing role in international commerce and politics has led to a significant demand for English teachers. The Chinese government actively promotes its citizens to receive English instruction, particularly those who are involved in business or diplomatic activities. The Chinese economy is largely dependent on exporting goods, particularly to the United States. This creates a massive demand for English proficiency. The Chinese government expects TEFL instructors to have a reputable certification—like the certification you will have after completing the TEFL course Plymouth.

English instructors in China enjoy a respectful environment and steady work opportunities. As a TEFL instructor in China you can work in a large classroom environment, as a one on one tutor, or with small groups. Instructors are needed all over the nation, from major cities such as Beijing to small rural areas. TEFL instructors often take shorter term jobs to afford them the ability to take new jobs in different locales. Longer term positions are available for those who want to stay in one spot.

Your TEFL courses Plymouth will give you all the required skills to meet the demands of your Chinese students. Learning to speak English is only one aspect of teaching TEFL in China; students will also want to learn how to read, write, e-mail, and converse over the telephone. Learning common English phone and e-mail etiquette and cultural considerations are also in high demand. Chinese students are eager and dedicated learners that have a reputation as being a joy to work with.

Whether you choose to travel afar or opt to stay closer to home, your teaching English as foreign language certification can lead to an exciting and fulfilling career. Completing a TEFL course Plymouth will give you the all the skills and confidence to jump right into the field. Enjoy!


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