The Three Things Every Waiter Has To Take Into Account

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    Sep 08, 2014
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The Three Things Every Waiter Has To Take Into Account Photo by Colin Armstrong

Waiters have one of the hardest jobs in the world. They have to manage the entire eating area for minimum wage. It is hardly a desirable job, but they do it anyway. It is a difficult job and you need a certain set of skills and characteristics to do it.

In this article, we are going to delve into some of the things every waiter has to take into account.

Time Management Skills

Timing is everything. Guests want their food to always be fresh. This is why a waiter has to be able to deliver fresh food when a guest calls for it. They have to be able to understand how long it takes for their specific brand of commercial kitchen equipment to make a meal. It is a case of estimating when a guest might need it.

Time management is not only about keeping track of all the commercial catering equipment in the back. It is also about keeping guests informed about how long something will take to create.

For example, you will have to explain that a well-done steak will take longer to make than a steak cooked to rare. It may seem like common sense, but many guests need to have it explained to them if you do not want them to kick up a fuss.

Multi-Tasking on Ever Trip

There is a rule within the restaurant industry. Every waiter should leave the kitchen with their hands full and come back to the kitchen with their hands full. In plain English, this means they should be picking up any plates or glasses on their way back to the kitchen after delivering food.

Good waiters know how to multi-task. The average waiter could be taking care of up to five tables at the same time. This means they have to clear away the plates, take orders, bring out the drinks, and handle all those extra niggling jobs.

Multi-tasking is more of a mind-set and an example of good organisation than anything else. Always think, “How much can I get done on this single trip to the floor?”

Do They Like Me?

A waiter’s job is to bring the food to the table and take it away again. This is not your primary concern. What you need to do is establish that important human relationship. Having a moody waiter come to your table can completely ruin a meal. You do not understand how crucial a well-mannered waiter is until you experience a waiter who cannot make small talk.

It is intimidating to walk up to a bunch of strangers and ask them what they would like, but you have to.You will find yourself repeating the same lines to different tables all night long. Make them like you and you may even get a few extra tips at the end of the night.

Remember, always remain professional and never let small talk take you away from serving other tables and attending to your tasks. Good waiters talk fast, end the conversation, and get back to work.

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