What Exactly is Content Writing?

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    Nov 22, 2012
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Content writing must be one of the most repeated phrases now-a-days. With the increase in online marketing and the need for good marketing on the Web, we hear people using that word often in their conversations. Content writing is the act of writing content on the Internet. It consists of the following main categories:

  • Web content: Here, content writers write content for web sites, targeting specific audience or market.
  • Articles: Here, content writers write articles on the Internet just as for newspapers and magazines to promote news, feature-oriented, and eBook oriented web sites. A good article on the web also follows the 5 W’s and 1 H: Who, what, when, where, why, and how.
  • SEO content: Here, content writers write articles that contain keywords with the corresponding anchor texts that encourage them to buy the mentioned products. When a reader clicks on the links, they are directed to the main business web site.

As generally perceived, content writing is not an easy task. A good piece of content should be relevant, engaging, searchable, and free from copy write violation. As such, the Internet users have very less attention span. It takes only a couple of minutes for them to decide whether to remain on a web page or move elsewhere. In that scenario, it is even more imperative for content writers to write engaging, interesting, and immersive content on the web. After reading a piece of content, visitors must be persuaded to buy a product, avail the site’s services, and return for more. This requires not only a flair for writing a good piece of content but also persistence in chasing the subject and attention to detail in detecting grammatical mistakes. A content writer performs the following tasks:

  1. Create or edit articles to inform the reader and promote or sell a product or service shown in the web site.
  2. Create content to attract visitors to the web site so that they continue to browse. The more they spend time on a website, the greater their chance of buying the product.
  3. If you want different search engines to rate your article high in search results, then include keywords that visitors will type in to search for the information in a search engine.
  4. Include freebies to readers in the form of how-to’s, tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts of, and other user-friendly materials.

There are multiple professional content writers whose services ranges from writing content , SEO optimization and social media marketing, proofreading and editing, to web designing and development. It is just a matter of finding and hiring the right one!

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