Replace the Damaged Parts of the Hydraulic Cylinder to Ensure the Service for Longer Period

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    Jun 04, 2013
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Piston rod
Piston rod
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There may be some problem with your hydraulic cylinder due to some internal or external leakage, so it is necessary to keenly observe the parts of the cylinder and hydraulic cylinder replacement must be done if it is required. If there is a problem with the seal it will be revealed only after the dis assembly. When the piston seal is damaged then the barrel is outsized, so the barrel of the hydraulic cylinder must be replaced. It is must to replace both the barrel as well as the piston seal otherwise, it will cause problems frequently. The guide bush will wear extremely if rod seal is distorted badly. If both guide bush and rod seal are not replaced, then it is a short term fix. Some survey also states that regular hydraulic cylinder maintenance is required to ensure the safety.


It is necessary to check if there is any crack in the rod with the help of dye penetrant and it must be subjected to hydraulic cylinder replacement. The chrome surface of the rod must be inspected and if chrome appears polished on one side and dull on another side, then it is meant that the rod is not straight. The straightness of the rod must be inspected when the cylinder is repaired. In most of the cases, the bent rods are straightened in the press without causing any damage to the chrome plating. If in case it gets damaged, then the rod should be replaced. It is well known that hydraulic cylinder maintenance is required to provide safety.


A guide bush or wear band is fixed between the head and the rod if heavy loads are added to the rod. When the cylinder is fitted with the bush then head of the hydraulic cylinder is replaced. The internal diameter of the head must be measured when the rod is lies over the head directly. This diameter should not exceed the rod diameter (+) 0.004 inches. If the measurement exceeds the tolerance then it will result in the damage of the seal. So the head must be replaced using another head of appropriate one. The scoring over the seal lands at the inner side of the head is not determined until the maximum diameter over the lands had not gone beyond the rod diameter (+) 0.016 inches. If it exceeds the tolerance then rod seal will not be used for longer period so it is necessary to replace the head. When the user is hesitating to replace a single damaged component, then it will lead to the entire Hydraulic Cylinder Replacement.


The barrel must be checked whether it is scored or pitted which may reduce the life of the piston seal. In the small diameter barrels, the scoring or pitting lesser than 0.005 inches in depth must be removed through engine-cylinder honing tool. The pistons in the cylinders that are used for light duty are usually made from aluminum alloy. The minor scoring in the outer diameter of the piston could not be determined until if the minimum piston diameter is not lesser than that of the bore diameter (-) 0.006 inches. If the piston diameter exceeds the tolerance, then it must be replaced with new piston. The hydraulic cylinder maintenance is necessary to avoid bad distortion of the vital components.


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