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    Jan 17, 2013
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Precision engineering specialists will be able to take on a variety of projects, from simple repairs, to more complex manufacturing jobs. This article takes a look at some of the most common types of precision engineering services, and how you can find the right precision engineering specialist for your needs.

CNC Milling and Turning

Precision engineering specialists will be able to provide a range of milling and turning services. Specialists will use lathes and turning machines to complete small or large scale batch work, to a very high degree of accuracy.

EDM Wire Cutting

EDM stands for electronic discharge machining. It is a process that allows metals to be cut with an extremely high level of accuracy. EDM is particularly beneficial for very hard materials, or for items that need to be cut in a more complex shape. Some of the larger companies will have access to a 3 dimensional machine, which utilizes 3D CAM software to accurately cut small components.

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair and Manufacturing

Precision engineering specialists will be able to manufacture components for the food, mining, and general hydraulic industries. They are also able to manufacture small replacement parts for a variety of hydraulic cylinder machinery, including pistons, glands, eye structures, rods, and barrels.

Some companies may stock replacement parts for mining or earth moving equipment. This will allow clients to easily fix small issues in the quickest amount of time possible.

Fabrication and Boilermaking

Many companies will have the equipment necessary to manufacture steam boilers, and different styles of pressure vessels. Reputable companies will also ensure that each of the boiler systems are built according to local laws, and boiler codes. Highly trained engineers are used to design and create high quality, durable, and safe boilers that are built to last.

General Precision Engineering

There are also a number of other common tasks that specialists are able to undertake. General services include things like:

•    Surface grinding
•    Cylindrical grinding
•    Slotting and broaching
•    Manual milling
•    Manual turning
•    Gear cutting

This is only a small selection of the general precision engineering services that are available. You can discuss your project requirements with a specialist, who will be able to advise you on the best way the project can be completed.

How to Find a Precision Engineering Specialist

The best place to find a precision engineering specialist is online. Simply use your favourite search engine to locate companies that are in your area. All reputable precision engineering companies will have a website that will provide details of the services that they offer, along with all of their contact details. Always use a trusted company, to ensure that you will be receiving a high quality service. You may want to have some questions ready to ask the company when you first make contact with them. These questions can include things like:

•    How long have they been in operation for?
•    What qualifications do their workers hold?
•    Do they offer free quotes?
•    How long is the work insured for?
•    What payment methods do they accept?

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