Dare to Compare When Seeking the Best Water Softener for Arizona Conditions

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    Dec 13, 2012
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When searching for the best water softener Phoenix has to offer, and indeed, the best water softener for Arizona, decide first whether you prefer a water softening or reverse osmosis system. A home water softening system is your practical, cost-effective path to quality soft water in your Phoenix home. It’s the optimal way to prevent costly repairs to your faucets, fixtures, and appliances.

By contrast, a reverse osmosis (RO) system purifies your water, freeing you from purchasing bottled water and adding to environmental waste. These RO systems can include UV sterilization, mineral filters to improve flavor, and designer faucets to fit your decor. The best RO systems use water-saving shut-offs, the highest quality water filters, and TFC membranes.

There are three options you’ll have for finding the best RO system and the best water softener for Arizona: Through box stores, proprietary franchises, and independent distributors.

Box stores offer low-priced, low-quality water filtration systems, purifiers and softener systems that are manufactured overseas with inferior components. The adage, “You get what you pay for,” certainly applies here. Often, these products are not designed to handle the very high mineral content of dessert water. Service is typically a problem with out-of-state contractors assigned to install and repair your system through an “800” call center. Expect these low-quality systems to last from 3-5 years.

Proprietary franchises often offer high-quality products, but this comes with a high price tag. These companies rarely quote prices over the phone, because they know that you’ll compare their price and go elsewhere. They prefer to send salesmen, who work on commission, to your door, wasting your time with 2-hour presentations. These hard-sell tactics include “good for today only” deals, and free soap packages are included to justify their high prices.

Independent distributors are the way to go to get the best water softener in Arizona, indeed the best water softener Phoenix, Arizona has on the market. Water treatment systems are locally manufactured and built to last in the demanding desert climate. Independent distributors can examine your own particular water treatment needs and offer you products based on your budget. You’ll receive optimal customer service, because a local water specialist will be overseeing installation and repair, without the use of inferior parts and hard-sell tactics.

For more information on the best water filtration system and water softener of Phoenix, visit www.clearwaterarizona.com. They are the premier independent distributor of water treatment products in Arizona, a registered contractor proudly affiliated with the Better Business Bureau, the National Sanitation Foundation, and the Water Quality Association.

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