Outdoor Grilling Tips

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    Nov 13, 2012
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Outdoor grilling is more than just making a meal. It often creates its own event. The food itself is the crowning glory of the event, but only if it is cooked correctly.

Gather Grill Supplies
Cooking on a grill can be dangerous if the proper equipment is not used. Items used to deal with the food should have long handles and should not be plastic. There are cheap grilling utensils made of plastic, but these items are dangerous and will only last a short period of time. Even with the proper items, potholders are still a good to keep on hand. An apron and spray bottle of water are also necessary items.

Clean the Grill
The best way to clean any type of grill is when the grill is hot. When it is cleaned in this way, the foodstuff on the grill tends to harden and easily flake off, leaving clean metal to cook on. Scrape and brush the grill along the lines of the grate.

Grill Prep is a Must
No matter what is being cooked on the grill, the grill itself needs to be prepared. A spray-on nonstick coating works well for items that are sitting directly on the metal grate. This type of spray should be applied by removing the grate from the grill and spraying it. Spraying the grate while it is on the grill could result in a buildup of flammable fumes. If aluminum foil is used, the foil should be secured on the grate before putting the grate on the grill.

Moisture Makes for a Tender Meal
A spray bottle of water is one of the most important items to have when it comes to outdoor grilling. It can be used to spray the charcoal in order to create steam and lengthen the burn time of the charcoal. Even if the water is not used on the charcoal, it can be used on the food. Food should never be cooked quickly on a grill. Since it is slow cooked, the food can easily dry out. Misting the grilling food with a water bottle will ensure that the food is moist and tender. If a spray bottle is not available, a pan of water can be placed on the grill. The water will turn to steam and moisturize the atmosphere the food is in.

Outdoor grilling is a fun way to prepare a meal. The very act of grilling outside changes the atmosphere of the meal and makes for a much more casual dinner. Since cooking on the grill takes longer than cooking on a stove, it also offers ample time for socialization while cooking.

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